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  1. I suspect there will be news (mostly positive) on this front in the next 2 weeks, with it being 2 weeks until the next league match. Obviously we're now in the transfer window so there's priorities there too. Busy few weeks ahead for the club off the field, and a welcome break from games for many first teamers.
  2. HNY everyone, and thanks to all behind the scenes for keeping this site running and, indeed, enhancing it. I've been a bit quiet on here recently for a variety of reasons (let's face it, it's not been much fun this month!), but I still lurk and will contribute further in 2021. 2020 really has been totally shit, to say the least. 2021 is bound to be tough early doors but hopefully, as the vaccinations kick in, we'll start getting our collective foot on the ball, bring some composure to proceedings and as we move into the second half, change formation and go all-out attack to finish th
  3. I'm in, as a season pass holder. Good side, v much looking forward to this. My boss is a Robin's fan so it could get spiky on WhatsApp...!
  4. I can understand the concern here, it being 3 weeks or so off the new window & certain key players being able to talk to others. Nyambe is the most perplexing for me as he is young, experienced & showing most potential for a modern fullback. Not signing him up yet is deffo a mistake. Possibly JRC too, although I doubt he is as highly sought after. The others though? Yes they are viewed as key players now, but they weren't considered as such by many on here in the summer. Armstrong, despite his good form since Dack's injury,wasn't really considered a magnet for PL attention in the
  5. I think this is as winnable a fixture down there as we've had in a few years. Despite having Toney in amongst the goals, overall I think they're a weaker outfit than last season without Watkins & Benrhama, whereas we're stronger in all areas. Their record in their new ground is ok I guess, but 2,000 fans in there will be far less intimidating than 12000 in Griffin Park was. My niggling doubt is Rovers' disjointed performances recently, but the onus is on them to come at us and if they do, we have plenty of speed & craft offensively to do them real damage. No BB sadly, but wit
  6. I have to say that I felt similarly at the time, especially re Gallagher & Holtby. However it is also worth noting that it was those 3 midfielders (Buckley in winning possession (in tandem with Johnson), Rothwell in carrying the ball forward, then Downing in carrying it across the box) who combined to bring about the winner. Mowbray could quite legitimately argue that his choice of subs turned 1 point into 3. I wholeheartedly agree on everything that's been said about the kit clash, and how pleasing it is that we appear capable of grinding out victories in attritional matches as
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55152637 And so it begins... something for the European Scouting network to get its teeth into! Best of luck to them I say! Could be good for homegrown youngsters mind you.
  8. Not dropped, rotated. With two games a week for 2 months, get used to it all over the park!
  9. Good lineup that, probably only 4 players missing from a best 11 (Dack, Travis, Ayala / Williams & possibly Nyambe). Should have too much today for Luton, but I expect they'll not be push overs. Hopefully their 2 wins last season will breed a bit of over confidence & we can exploit holes in behind.
  10. Kaminski Lenihan Travis Armstrong Dack However, so far this season it's: Kaminski Holtby Johnson Rothwell Armstrong They've been our 5 most consistent performers so far this season imo and are the key 5 that allow us to play the 433 most effectively. Problem is the middle 3 are all capable of stinkers...
  11. I agree, I'd say that article & the opinions therein accurately sum up the turmoil our great club has been put through. I for one am hopeful (as opposed to confident) of a brighter future given the arrest of the slide these last 3 years, albeit being reluctantly resigned to the likelihood that it will include our current owners for the foreseeable.
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