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  1. Bennett 😂 This dinosaur in charge is sending us all daft.
  2. Tempted to ring for 100 taxi’s. Ewood to Middlesbrough please, all for Tony Mowbray.
  3. He’s probably fed up of being sent to Middlesbrough every week.
  4. I don’t know what’s worse, watching this shite or listening to the southern commentator on ifollow. Both bobbins.
  5. If Lenihan was bought under the Coyle era then he would get just as much stick as Williams. I think he’s a better player than Derek but his mistakes seem to go a lot more unnoticed imo.
  6. Agree with the other three but McKenna is awful, if he gets a move to championship he will get found out big time.
  7. I hope not, seeing as Timo Letschert is a centre half. Probably still better than Walton though.
  8. Looks like a photoshop, If you copy that link it goes to this -
  9. I’d go even more like 95%, same crap, different season. A loan GK & centre half, with maybe a midfielder for a small fee.
  10. Have to agree. The slow building process is just to try and keep pressure off himself. You could say Swansea are building after losing Mcburnie, Ayew and James last summer but they still managed a top 6 spot. Although I do have a feeling that if we don’t reach the play offs this season he will walk away.
  11. It’s all about opinions Joe which your allowed to have just as much as anybody. You don’t need to provide stats to push your opinion, especially when they don’t really provide anything worth noting.
  12. We get that but the boys at clubs using data are probably doing their graphs correctly.
  13. Wouldn’t go anywhere near him. Basically does exactly what Travis does without the technical ability. There is a reason he’s always been in lower leagues and bottom end champ. Also seems to be a cock.
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