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  1. Juventus were losing money even before Covid (about 30m euros the last full season with fans) and last year they recorded a loss of 82m euros. They have total debt approaching 400m euros. It makes total sense that when someone waved a cheque for £350m at them they were up for a Super League.
  2. Decided before the Norwich game that I'd give up for this season, save myself some money. We'll see how the summer goes before making a decision on next season. It's tough to imagine Mowbray cobbling together a squad that can compete given his track record and the fact we're almost certain to lose Armstrong.
  3. The one where Fergie pretended he didn't know we'd been relegated? My most vivid memory of that game is Keith Gillespie deciding to pass it backwards to Gary Croft instead of crossing in about the 89th minute.
  4. Sky accidentally broadcast a conversation someone was having in the ground at halftime. Didn't really notice until someone mentioned a blowjob.
  5. Could they do a fake announcement of a car parked illegally to liven this up a bit?
  6. If we have to keep Brereton can we at least get rid of Gallagher?
  7. If Mowbray thinks that's his position then we can probably safely assume it's not. Although it would be typical for Tony to know he's a left-sided midfielder but start him at right-back anyway.
  8. Raya had no way of knowing? Where was he looking when Dack went off the pitch? Worse, can he not count 10 blue and white shirts in front of him before he puts the ball down? If in doubt, have a look over your shoulder before you drop the ball.
  9. Anywhere outside the box that's a foul. But keepers get away with more or less anything.
  10. He was having a little smile at himself when he gave away a needless corner earlier. I nearly threw the remote through the TV.
  11. Lenihan barely touches Fosu....penalty. Sorensen wrestles Nyambe to the floor...nothing.
  12. Can we all have a moment to appreciate Bradley Johnson's magnificent beard?
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