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  1. I've entered my promo code, clicked redeem you code now, NO problem with that. it gets you through to a page saying do you have a promotional code (I enter code again) and click check. message comes up - the promotional code entered is not valid. At bottom of page it says Video pass for season ticket holder (Total £0.00) click BUY NOW. Is everyone one on here had this message.
  2. I have a number of rovers flags that I've designed and have been made by footballflags. Here is my latest flag on order, what do you think of the rovers badge in half white, half blue ?
  3. Derby fan whinging at seating area for visiting fans .. Sorry I was struggling last night as we didn't really do anything of note. Couldn't argue with the result or even blame the ref; we got what we deserved. I was also disappointed with our position in the ground, as we were so far above the players we couldn't really give them our support and encouragement as we usually do at away games. Also makes a very sterile atmosphere in the ground. Why would you have a whole section pitch side completely empty? Makes no sense to me, but I can't say that was a factor in the result as plenty
  4. Sheffield Utd single tier stand looks good, similar to PNE stand but with more seats.
  5. Something like PNE stand would look good, albeit with 4-5 thousand seats similar to riverside.
  6. flags above now SOLD.. If you are interested in other Rovers flags I have for sale, just text me your email address and I'll send pics.
  7. got more Rovers flags for sale, just text me your email address and I'll send pics. 07566 274416
  8. all my international flags are bought second hand, there's more sell on value if I decide to sell.
  9. this is my latest flag design for the war remembrance .. Just arrived , it's stunning.
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