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  1. That's the source of that rumour, though. A tweet from a nobody that was spread around like wildfire and re-reported by hacks. He was sacked because Spurs are worse to watch than Rovers.
  2. You've heard that from a bloke on Twitter who made it up.
  3. That's enough match passes for me this season. Just f*****g boring.
  4. Moan, moan, moan when defenders do in fact come, you lot 😅
  5. I'll be thrilled if they perform for us and the team starts winning matches again. No signing means anything until then.
  6. E I E I E I O Out the f**king cup we go... at this rate, anyway. We've never got the hang of playing Dack as a False 9 and still we persist. At least it's minutes.
  7. I can’t take anyone wanting to sell Armstrong seriously 🤣
  8. If I were a manager and this decision was being made on match day, I wouldn't be rushing to drop a piece of early team info. Just wasn't sure if it was going to be out there anywhere regardless.
  9. If Mowbray were to have been informed of the decision, is the club under any obligation to announce that ahead of the team sheets?
  10. Can’t remember the last time an away team was announced on to the pitch separately just so they can get royally booed. Hope we spoil their fun,
  11. I think leadership standards are in flux in football. Kane's motivational speeches on that Spurs documentary were ace. "Alright boys. Lets win this game and get the three points." [team cheers, roars, applauds]
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