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  1. Alright r*vers fans? I'm most certainly not gonna gloat but had a couple of comments if you don't mind. Firstly, fair shout for bringing over 1,000 away fans all that way on a Sunday, cracking effort. Secondly, I thought we were a tad fortunate to go in level at half time as you looked a good side and we both missed chances in the first 45. In some ways, you reminded me of us last year with the pressing game but I reckon you need to choose when to do it at this level as doing it all the time just knackers your forwards. Lee J has drummed 'triggers' into our forwards so they pres
  2. We're building gradually r*vers. Maybe one day we'll aspire to the Prem but we know we aren't a big fish in this league. Yes, our owner, a local fella, is minted but 'sustainable growth' is our plan and £51M on the stadium is a damn good start. There are far bigger clubs in the Championship but, hopefully, we'll get there one day. The fact we're compared with the like of yourselves nowadays rather than the gas b***ards (hence why I will never type r*vers) / Rochdale shows we've improved but we know our place. One day, maybe.
  3. Nicki Maenpaa, a Finnish international, signed from Brighton. He's looked decent thus far. Normally, your own Frankie Fielding would be playing but he's injured. We line up as 4-4-2 but it's very fluid, sometimes 3-5-1-1, sometimes 4-4-1-1 etc etc, it's certainly not a Mike Bassett 4-4- ****ing 2!!
  4. A slight correction, the 'city of Bristol' has a population of 450K but it's a relatively small area. The urban area is more like 900K - 1M. It's bigger than most people realise. An example, I live on the eastern tip of the city and it's 13 miles to the furthest point. On tomorrow, we're getting our confidence back on the back of 2 decent results and we have our main man Famara Diedhou back for the first time this season after a ludicrous 6 game suspension. I can see a tight affair but would hope, at home, we have enough to claim a narrow win, Kalas on loan from Chelsea has given us a mor
  5. Hi ladies and gents, another Bristol City fan here. Firstly, well done on your start to the season. Secondly, the reason why this has been moved to the Sunday is, in part due to the rugby on Friday against Bath where a 24000 crowd is expected but we could easily hold the game on the Saturday as we've done before. In addition there is an annual music festival on the downs in Bristol on Saturday (about 1 1/2 miles from Ashton Gate) with Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher's high flying birds among others playing. It's a 27,000 sell out. The police won't have both events on the same day, eve
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