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  1. It's always hard to come across correctly online but this was really my point. This season is a write-off because Mowbray is still here. We need someone new and we all know that won't happen until at least next summer. A decent LB is all I ask for rather than the 'weak link' players we've had recently.
  2. Just after Lenihan's challenge (we didn't know how bad it was at the time), we were talking about how poor he was and how much he flew out of position to commit some howler. Certainly not captain material. Which player in that 11 was worse than him for their role? We settled on Gallagher and Pickering (before he then scored and generally seemed a bit better than recently). So either 2nd or 3rd worst for the team. Yet he is an un-droppable captain, first name on the team-sheet? To properly improve, we really need to replace this kind of player, not merely the ones who've just left out of contract. Imagine that team with Harwood Bellis next to Ayala, Cunningham at LB and an out-and-out striker like the next Billy Sharp or someone. I honestly believe that team would be in with a chance... We're not a million miles away but we lack the will to make that final push. Let's see what next season brings.
  3. Just got back. Positives: Defenders blocking and heading away like nobody's business. Gallagher looking lively. Negatives: Really poor work-rate in midfield when out of possession (no, really, really bad) such that our defenders HAD to be good to avoid a drubbing. Mowbray couldn't help but meddle and move our goal-scoring forward out to the wings and kill our momentum. VERY poor tactics of hoofball yet again. Kaminski not coming for crosses and kicking the ball out every time. Overall: Poveda and Clarkson didn't look that much better than our kids. Certainly not like players who'll boss the league. A point was what we (just about) deserved but Boro will wonder how they didn't win that.
  4. To me, Boro are one of those teams just like us. An unfashionable team from an unfashionable town with unfashionable fans. The football is the only thing that keeps life sufferable. It's just that we've had a ridiculous amount of success in (relatively) recent history. They'd be my preference for teams up that way ahead of Newcastle and Sunderland. Not actually been to the new ground though and Saturday will make it 52 away grounds (I counted them up the other night when I was bored).
  5. On Gallagher, I don't understand how people can think of 'trying hard' as anything other than the most basic desire that EVERY player should have. What next? Do we give players a free pass on being rubbish because they can tie their own laces before the game? The two standout attacking players for me today were Rothwell and Clarkson. They both went off and their replacements were inferior. Baffling. By and large we did well today but you can't hope to do well over as season if you don't shoot. I expected a heavy drubbing at half-time so was happy enough with the second half but hope to see a bit more passing and shooting next time rather than hoofball.
  6. To be fair, the youths near me spent most of the time horsing around, making comments about each other's sisters and loudly exclaiming they were off to McDonalds several times during the game. I'm fairly certain of a group of 20-odd, no more than half a dozen were genuinely interested in the game. The rest were there because that's where the group was meeting. No way were they going to start buying tickets let alone season tickets. I actually didn't see any stewards at all. They certainly weren't there to stop the homophobic abuse loudly shouted by said youths at the Everton team/ref. The tannoy was an absolute joke and I couldn't make out anything said, either last night or against Morecambe. The Fans' Forum mentioned the Riverside but the Jack Walker lower is just as bad.
  7. 2-0 soon turned to 2-2. We looked in complete control before we chucked it away. What really stood out tonight was the truly abysmal finishing. A dozen or so gilt-edged chances and the only way we could score were rebound tap-ins. The academy seems to be producing loads of players who are comfortable on the ball and who can happily tap it around all day but no-one who can put it in without fuss. Too many 8s and 10s and no 9s. To be fair, it isn't just us. Look at England. More creative midfielders than you can dream about playing, totally at home stroking the ball about, but if Kane were injured...
  8. I got mine back a few months back. Don't know exactly when but there was an announcement, we rang up and went down to get them. A rare example of efficiency to be fair. Not a VIP signing one mind...
  9. I was just down to get cup tickets. There are currently 5 staff behind the tills. 2 are printing shirts (for who I couldn't say). 1 is stood there. 1 is stood there whilst asking people if they want tickets. If the answer is in the affirmative, he directs you to the last staff member who is dealing with the whole queue of people on his own at the only till open. Madness.
  10. Tell me we're not reduced to considering tweets from someone known as 'White Boy Rick'! It's actually no surprise that fans are desperate for SOMETHING to change. All fans accept that all managers have a shelf-life but the logical extension that the end might be near seems to cause so much controversy and denial with some of us. If Watford are one extreme, we certainly seem to have become the other. Oh to be normal once again...
  11. Bought from Rovers' website, advertised as neutral commentators. I get two Leeds commentators talking about 'us' and mocking the absence of home fans. Thanks Roverstv.
  12. I'd be XL so just one size bigger. They had the changing rooms locked up so people were just trying them on in the shop! There'll definitely be plenty of returns. That's the reason I never buy clothes online anymore; it's just not worth the faff. Not great quality. The badge in particular is unlikely to survive for long. We knew that about Macron really though and it doesn't need to survive that many match days.
  13. Yep. One guy had 3 in his hand. Presumably one for a mate. I guess the people that usually buy both would be there on the first morning as opposed to those who'll drop in next week some time. Junior kits are there but no women's sizes. Training kit looked lovely so had a nosey at the price. £33. No thanks.
  14. I can confirm that you would definitely need a bigger size than normal. I really stood out as the odd one out down there by only buying one shirt (the away). Even with the XXL, it isn't exactly loose around the chest and the arms are very clingy (I have muscles but nothing freakish). Overall, a lovely kit. The home kit is indeed a darker blue in person than the reveal.
  15. In possibly a new record for failing to read the room, we now have the marvellous opportunity of watching the full 90 minutes against Bradford. Well, whoop-de-do... https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/july/RoversTV-Bradford-City-v-Rovers/
  16. To be fair to them, @Rovers is taking the piss out of some guy who said they'd fail to achieve their target. At least one person down there has a bit of fight in them...
  17. Thought the same! There seem to be quite a lot of singers who want to put 'their spin' on anthems or traditional songs when they should be sung not only with gusto but so the crowd can join in too.
  18. The sad individuals who've got so drunk already today, they won't even be able to watch the game. I mean, seriously, Bargain Booze and Wetherspoons will still be there tomorrow. Plus dollops of mayonnaise always be mixed in with perfectly good tuna in 'tuna' sandwiches.
  19. The closed off area means that you might want to walk up the hill towards the motorway or up Livesey Branch Rd towards the Brown Cow to get your taxi to Preston. I go the other way so not sure where the divide is. Golden Cup pub might be your best shot for a drink? Love the drive to Swansea. A fun little blast over the Beacons and the Neath Valley, dinner in The George, ice creams in Joe's and a leisurely crawl back. Perfect.
  20. With short sleeves and a tidier, navy blue colour, this would have been a great kit.
  21. My PC isn't showing the new site either. On the other hand, how different can it possibly be that I would find it fascinating?!
  22. Just listening to the anthems in the background before the game. It really gets to me that virtually every sporting event plays the anthem seemingly at double speed. Not only does this spoil it somewhat for fans trying to sing along, surely rushing the anthem is an insult to the nation? It is particularly obvious abroad at major championships, but the singer just then refused to speed up Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau to fit the tune. Props to him for doing it properly. As for the game, I'd really hoped Bournemouth then Swansea beat Brentford but fair play to them. They're clearly better than their competitors and deserve to go up.
  23. I've been VERY controversial in my opinions here. I've ignored the history/politics completely and the Princes Trust home shirt is WAY better than the 94/95 shirt to me. Too much white and frill. Collar and cuffs have to match whilst silly design additions are unnecessary.
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