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  1. What are the general opinions on Grayson and Platt? Thought they where both poor tonight
  2. This just shows that the new passing style is awful. 2 goals from punts to Graham.
  3. City domminating possession but we have had a few good break away chances
  4. Brereton gets in the team over Rothwell. Why? And Nyambe still not in.
  5. This is why I have no confidence with the 'stay safe and build from there' mentality. We will loose the likes of Dack and Reed in the summer and TM dosnt have the talent to bring in replacements. We will not build, only continue to drop if the past is anything to go by
  6. And the only reason Bell was on the pitch is because TM chose not to sign a replacement, even though everybody knew both our left back options are awful. As a result we have paid the price and most deffinatly will continue to.
  7. Dosn't take 'pearls of footballing wisdom' to realise that not even featuring our best right back in the squad is a bad idea.
  8. Everyone I know said Bennett shouldn't be on over Nyambe so don't start chatting about 'hindsight'
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