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  1. With arma i started to worry when I watched the interview with him on YouTube and the guy talking to him was like " so you bookes favorite for the golden boot this season" then the next game ( derby away ) he is one on one with the keeper and fails... and yesterday every shot at the keeper. Just hope he can shake it off over the break, the international break for me is like pulling teeth as I'm Scottish by birth !!!!
  2. The ballot is only for the trial match to see how it works to see if we can go back the st will be on sale lower tiers first then once sold out uppers next if demand for them
  3. I know i know it was an average price just to work some numbers out ..... give or take 500,000
  4. Just putting it out there and if I ever win big on the lottery ever st holder will get it paid for by me...... FACT
  5. Ok ok let's look at this a min, capacity 31,367 Minus 70% to leave 30% between the 20 to 40 the government will allow is 9,410 With an average price at around £450 from jack walker to riverside Thats £4,234,500
  6. He was staying in Hanley house at the time and I did some work there, told me himself his lady was fed up wanted to be back down south next to her family so was going to stay at clubs down there FACT nothing to do with TM
  7. I'm sorry but that looks bad with the red collar
  8. No bid for phillips made by rovers https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/sport/18652352.no-rovers-bid-charlton-goalkeeper-dillon-phillips/ Interesting, city loan it is then!
  9. Reports in Germany have credited Blackburn Rovers with an interest in Karlsruher SC striker Philipp Hofmann https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/transfer-news/championship-transfer-rumours-blackburn-leeds-18761364
  10. Hi all I'm more of a read it not comment kind of guy BUT......... the rewriting of the raya history has me very perplexed, the guy could not kick out a ball from goal without it going out of play, catch a simple cross or even see a simple pass when with us. I for one was over the moon when we sold him ( yes yes it left us with nothing ) his change in play is a clear indication we really need a better goalkeeper coach FACT. ( or he wanted to go that much he made mistakes)
  11. Hi all I am doing the sleep out for Blackburn rovers community trust. This year the trust is working in partnership with blackburn food bank with funds going to the homeless and underprivileged families in the blackburn area I'm a 41 year old man, dad to 3 children husband and own my own decorating company in the leyland area but always feel THOSE WHO HAVE SHOULD HELP THOSE WHO HAVEN'T...... I would really appreciate if you could give something towards the charity... even the price of a pint or a pie can help. Thank you for reading and please let's make a difference toge
  12. See what you just did there is confuse RRP and sale price with the world of football agents where ok players are sold at high prices and I think TM has learned from the BB purchase
  13. I think we have this one, all our players wilm be up for it as backed by TM as the only players he need to get into the play offs, I watch the u23 at leyland alot and our young boys are really good so I back the youth to come through when needed add to that the older heads of johnson and downing with the wizard travis and the sight of Holtby to pass to the angel of the north arma and I can see us doing well, IF we had signed anyone it would be weeks before they played anyway so with that COYB, barmyarmy, let's do it for jack.
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