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  1. Really hope this is right as it would help.. I was searching it up on my phone at a kids party yesterday 🤪
  2. After a Google search it looks like it resets on the 31st of December
  3. I must admit after watching the u23s I have found myself asking the Sam burns question alot, even more so after Armstrong left what does he need to do to get a go at the next stage up?
  4. This is a very good point as I am a committed rovers st holder and live in leyland but would I travel to blackburn to see that level...... I just don't know and can not answer this with assurance as a yes, sorry just being truthful
  5. Don't think so I've been to three away games so far this season and not asked ones
  6. Watched cirino alot at u23s and think he is the right fit for a replacement for Ryan plays very much the same way
  7. I'm really hoping more go on sale, as a season ticket holder I really wanted to go and had to wait till Friday cash wise, wanted to take the daughters. I'm holding on to hope that blackpool will want more cash into the club and put more on sale
  8. Sorry dint want to start but your wrong, he was rusty on the pitch last night but before the game had only had 45 minutes, anyone after that time out would be the same but his position on the pitch his eye for a pass and ability to get between man and ball was all there he will come on with time on the pitch, but if your looking to our own players for that position look no further than our very own... lenni rae cirino ... and has missed the last two under 23 matches as he has been on the bench for the first team, he is just as good or better than Ryan.
  9. With arma i started to worry when I watched the interview with him on YouTube and the guy talking to him was like " so you bookes favorite for the golden boot this season" then the next game ( derby away ) he is one on one with the keeper and fails... and yesterday every shot at the keeper. Just hope he can shake it off over the break, the international break for me is like pulling teeth as I'm Scottish by birth !!!!
  10. The ballot is only for the trial match to see how it works to see if we can go back the st will be on sale lower tiers first then once sold out uppers next if demand for them
  11. I know i know it was an average price just to work some numbers out ..... give or take 500,000
  12. Just putting it out there and if I ever win big on the lottery ever st holder will get it paid for by me...... FACT
  13. Ok ok let's look at this a min, capacity 31,367 Minus 70% to leave 30% between the 20 to 40 the government will allow is 9,410 With an average price at around £450 from jack walker to riverside Thats £4,234,500
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