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  1. It’s just the way I see it. Bannan is a very static player. You have to build around him and we simply wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t be effective under Mowbray and that’s far from a criticism of the player
  2. Personally think Bannan would be as effective as Holtby in the system we use. But that's just my 2p. Great talent but we need players like Travis and Rothwell who can go box to box all game. Under a different manager or in a different system though, would be up there for number one target if it was upto me
  3. Ben Sheaf rumours seems to lack credibility. Spoken with a Coventry fan who says it’s a loan to buy deal they have and there’s an obligation apparently.
  4. I think at £250,000 with some add-ons, the Davenport deal has plenty of time to look great in the future. He looked good the other day and could continue to grow. Unlike BB and SG he doesn't have a stupid money move hanging over him.
  5. Seems an odd dig at the analysts with no evidence. Surely the fact he plays at Coventry points more to this being a Mowbray deal?
  6. Couldn't tell you if Bell has refused Rovers offer or if Rovers have decided against themselves, but as per Thomas Kaminski's posts on social media, Amari'i is off.
  7. Seemingly. Meaning their bid, if they make one, won't be as high as some would hope I don't imagine.
  8. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9178043/West-Ham-15m-20m-transfer-fee-paid-Ajax-Sebastien-Haller.html Misread him, the point he was making was how much they'd *actually* get for Haller. I just assumed he'd not left yet from the way it was worded. Apologies for the confusion.
  9. Been chatting to a lad in the loop with West Ham. They want Haller gone and depending on how much they can get for him, will depend on how big their bid is for Adam Armstrong - but he's their preference. Club are happy with how Jarrad Bowen has done and believe in the EFL recruitment system.
  10. Well, in years gone by I'd managed to watch some 18's, but certainly not this year. 23's I've seen a lot of
  11. I don’t really get your point. I haven’t seen a single U16’s or U18’s game so I wouldn’t be able to point out an amazing player and give my personal view on it. Just relaying what was said.
  12. I'm not calling the player brilliant, I don't even know who the offer has been tabled to, I'm simply relaying information.
  13. Season review in days following last game. Didn’t really touch on much more on that front, was mainly a talk about the commercial side
  14. My first thought was Charlie Weston. Waggott spoke with business partners today via zoom call, as well as Bradley Dack.
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