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  1. The last thing that John Buckley needs is a loan away from Ewood Park. He'd end up at a League One club and it would halt his development. His abilities suit the Premier League more than they do the lower leagues of the EFL.
  2. John Buckley is a local lad who will hear things. Like many players his age is an avid social media user. These players see the comments people make. You don't have to hear pressure in the stadiums as a Blackburn Rovers player right now to know that the fans are unhappy. There's nobody chanting "We want Mowbray Out" but TM knows full well the fans want change. To answer the question of how you support a young player like that I'd say this: Praise them when they do well, give them chances for first team minutes, hype them up on social media, sing their name in the stands (when its possible
  3. So now he’s not good because he didn’t have a decent shot on goal? Christ, how many “decent shots on goal” did Harry Chapman manage at Championship level?
  4. Charlton away 19/20 Sheffielf Wednesday home 19/20 Stoke City home 20/21
  5. Or a penalty! Thought it had gone out on first viewing but he did keep it in to be fair.
  6. It's not forensic at all. I can find these clips quite quickly through the platforms I use. These five clips are just a snippet. There's an upload limit and I was also conscious of taking up an entire page with clips of JB. He wasn't perfect, but finding clips of him doing good things wasn't hard. This stuff isn't basic. Not every midfielder in our team or in this league is making those passes and those interceptions for me. He's a good young player who keeps proving people wrong. He's got 1,500+ minutes under his belt now for us, which I think people forget, we need to get behind h
  7. The difference was Buckley, JRC, Dolan all starting for me. Some young, hungry aggression. Was needed.
  8. Couldn't disagree more with this statement so I've provided some video evidence to back up my point. Buckley was brilliant on the ball and I don't understand how you can say he wasn't? He showed good strength, moved us forward, made key runs, split the lines. He wasn't slow at all. 66:01 - The ball to Gallagher in the box for that shot in the 2nd half. 68:39 - The run into the box and ball across for Dack. [Penalty Claim] 30:52 - Wins ball back with some good strength, finds pass quickly and moves play on. 44:58 - Quick first time pass over to Barry Douglas. Smart move, moved it qui
  9. Today's line up is next seasons line-up minus Harry Pickering... let's see how it does.
  10. Not a million miles off what I was hoping for with Armstrong out. Hopefully it's Gallagher central and Breo left. Would've preferred Johnson over Trybull but not dreadful.
  11. With no Armstrong I'd like to see Gallagher through the middle, Brereton off the left and Dolan off the right. If Johnson is fit to stat I think he's needed.
  12. There's plenty of that kind of rhetoric and over-the-top comments from both sides. It's simply unrealistic to brand an entire group of people with one brush and ignore completely the other. And the bit in bold couldn't be further from the truth for me.
  13. I think a fair reflection would be that both sides of the Tony Mowbray argument have vicious figures. To brand one lot as that and not the other is a little unfair to me, perhaps a biased reflection. People in the Twittersphere would read these forums and perhaps be taken aback by how completely different the views are, much as many BRFCS posters are taken aback by the wholly different views found on social media. To call one user group vicious is harsh in the least.
  14. It's a really weird one with JG. Played mainly LB for the U18's, looked good in the FAYC run (but almost all of them did, it's like they were on drugs). He's since been utilised as the LCB for the U23's, sometimes in a back five and sometimes even in a four. You can tell he's not familiar with the position but it's clear he has the talent. He played in central midfield vs West Ham but I didn't get to see the full game. Some of these players, Zak Gilsenan a perfect example, can sometimes get a big name for themselves WAY too early.
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