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  1. Achieving a sustainable wage to turnover ratio is a good thing, by my standards anyway.
  2. It's already underway, it's a UEFA ruling. The question is whether or not the EFL/PL implement the same structure.
  3. Yup, Wages to Turnover % needs to be at 70% by 2026 or something. Last financial report had us at 147% for 2021/22, no doubt it's come down fairly significantly to 110-120% since then, maybe a little lower. Whilst it's frustrating, being one of the few clubs who's making a head start on this requirement (albeit due to circumstances out of the clubs control), coupled with the fantastic academy churn out we have, we'll be in a very strong position come that deadline. If we don't manage to get promoted before 2026, we'll be one of the (if not the) most prepared clubs in the league for the changes.
  4. Your definition (exaggeration!) and my definition clearly differ.
  5. Cost the Turkish consortium £30m to buy Hull City. Rovers would be closer to 10x that cost unless the debt to the owners is wiped away. The issue isn't them potentially leaving, it's whether or not the club can get the assets such as the STC/JTC back/included in a sale and whether the debt to the owners is wiped away. But a multi-year commitment to a £5m sponsorship suggests the owners aren't going anywhere.
  6. Pleasantly surprised with how well Walsall turned out. Some young ones thrown in for them too who'll give their manager a headache in the league now come Saturday. I still don't think Rovers got out of second gear though, and with a bit more huff and puff it could've been a much more comfortable scoreline.
  7. I'd be very surprised. The Championship is a million miles away from League Two. A team consisting of Adam and Scott Wharton, John Buckley, Callum Brittain should (and will) walk all over them for me. And I say that as someone who has a keen interest in League Two football and wants it to get better.
  8. 1. Who will win this year’s Championship ? Southampton 2. Who will claim runners-up spot ? Sunderland 3. Who will finish rock bottom in the Championship ? Rotherham United 4. Where will Rovers finish this season in the league ? 12th 5. How many league goals will Rovers score this season ? 50 6. Who will win the BRFCS POTY ? Joe Rankin-Costello
  9. Bologna became Girona, so I wouldn't place any bets on my info at the minute 😅
  10. Erm okay, not Bologna then 🤷‍♂️ Girona.
  11. Away black & grey, third yellow. Apparently. Could be wrong though just heard from a pal
  12. Two games in Austria for the camp which fans might be able to go to
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