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  1. It's a really weird one with JG. Played mainly LB for the U18's, looked good in the FAYC run (but almost all of them did, it's like they were on drugs). He's since been utilised as the LCB for the U23's, sometimes in a back five and sometimes even in a four. You can tell he's not familiar with the position but it's clear he has the talent. He played in central midfield vs West Ham but I didn't get to see the full game. Some of these players, Zak Gilsenan a perfect example, can sometimes get a big name for themselves WAY too early.
  2. I think the first team inclusions haven't done too much, my estimations put us 4th or 5th without Dack, Evans and Bennett for example. I think we'd have lost the Derby game without first teamers for sure. But for the most part, Billy Barr has that side winning because tactically they just get it right. They force mistakes out of defenders. The win over Liverpool away was a good example. No first team involvement, two goals against the run of play. I'd say Rovers U23's, unlike most in that league, use tactics you'd usually see in mens senior football at first team level. Barnes and Annesle
  3. Seen two suggestions on this thread. On your question, I think there's some understanding to be had about our current PL2 crop. Most of the side is made up of very young players. Unlike our promotion side of 2017/18 and some of the sides since for example, which featured a lot of 21 year olds, this team is currently being made up of the lads who are either still playing U18's football, or only recently made the step up. Dan Pike will be good enough, Sam Barnes will be good enough, Jack Vale will be good enough, but I think we've got to be a bit more patient. The likes of Lyons, White
  4. To suggest dropping the leagues second top goalscorer for a player who's abilities are of the level of say Joe Nuttall (if people are looking for a reference point), all in the name of youth development, is just absurd to me. Yes we want to bring players through, but only if it helps the team too. Dan Pike's a good talent but he shouldn't be starting OVER Nyambe if Ryan is fit.
  5. I was pretty uninspired by McBride early on, having watched a lot of his football from his time in Scotland after we signed him, I thought "why on earth have we signed this lad?'. But to be completely fair to him he's done pretty well. He's a poacher really, most of his goals have come from just a handful of yards out, and I'm fairly certain every single goal he's scored has been inside the box in some capacity. He has definitely grown some muscle mass since joining, and looks a much more physically dominant striker than most do at U23's level. Dan Pike is, at least for me, the next big t
  6. "Great" is a term thats used all the time. Can we call a Harvey Elliott ball through for Armstrong a great pass? Or can it not be described as such unless its of the equivalent to a pass made by Leo Messi in a UCL game in 2009?
  7. Davenport has to play. Looked great last game and has looked great in many other games too. Elliott back to the right-wing please.
  8. May I ask on what legal grounds the clubs proposals will be opposed? If there's no community type protection on the site, is there much anyone can do to stop them from making the decision (if planning permission granted)? If anyone a bit more knowledgable than me on the subject knows then please do let me know
  9. Was the Dean Holden appointment proactive and ambitious? They've probably made a smart move with Pearson, but they didn't exactly get it spot on from the moment they let Lee Johnson go.
  10. Yes. Apologies to those that this answer offends. Are there issues? Yes. But every club has different issues. I still think we do A LOT right. I’m not putting the praise for everything we do right onto the owners either, because most that we get right isn’t really their doing. Just touch on a few things, which I’d say are huge but aren’t necessarily a result of the owners: The BRFC Community Trust and all the trimmings. Our players values and young players rapport with the fans. Local youth recruitment is still nice and prevalent, only have to look to players like John Buckley w
  11. So in reality, with what you’ve said there being what I perceive to be a fair reflection of events also, it’s probably going to have to be new owners in the future who would ever be able to build those bridges for you?
  12. Which values would you say are the most important? Or perhaps a better question from me would be, which values are we not maintaining that we should be?
  13. I think I do know those things, all of it. Hence why I’m asking how it would even be plausible for them to “build” on Jack Walkers legacy. Because to me, I don’t see how they could ever achieve that with what’s gone on in the past now. Perhaps a new owner could.
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