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  1. I think it drags for another week or two. Saints will come back still under the valuation. Got a feeling West Ham have a cheeky pop too. Think he finally ends up at Palace for pure cash because the swap deals are so much harder to get done.
  2. David Raya went to Southport on loan and now plays Premier League football
  3. I'm not implying that they're not to blame. I am merely saying that the issues aren't due to a lack of willingness to spend money..
  4. We'll have to! I hope himself and Dolan can prove you wrong. We'll see
  5. I get it, I know you don't rate him. I think there's a lot to his game though. He has shown time and time again his qualities off the ball. He, along with Rothwell, is one of our best pressers out of possession. He wins the ball back high up the field constantly. He was class against Leeds the other week.
  6. It was a great assist too. He has three at Championship level.
  7. Been 1st team for a while. Just had the injury sadly. Got a proper squad number the year before last because he'd had minutes against Bolton in the Champ.
  8. You're remembering wrong. 1:56 onwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1hC5BphPzE
  9. Neither played minutes last year though. I'm 90% sure that's how it has worked over the years.
  10. He's not a goalscorer, I'll grant you that. He's a playmaker. He's a great passer of the ball. He works in the right system and won't play every week because not every game fits what he offers you. Which is fair. I don't group Rothwell, Dack and Buckley because they're attacking, but more because they're the midfielders we look to for creation. I group Garrett, Travis, Davenport and Johnson because they're the midfielders you look to for aggression, playing deeper, breaking up play.
  11. Could you imagine 🤣 "this was a difficult decision but it allowed us to get Adam Idah over the line".
  12. But they're not competing for a place? Garrett, Travis, Davenport, Johnson are competing - Buckley, Rothwell, Dack are competing for a different place.
  13. How can the Venkys pump more money in without us failing FFP? There's not many ways of fiddling anymore that don't see you end up in Derby County's situation, with the EFL royally forking you at every turn.
  14. There's always been money. I don't think they've suddenly turned off the tap. I think we're close to failing FFP so we've self-embargoed. They forked out on Brereton, they forked out on Gallagher, they keep pumping in the funds and converting loans to shares and whatnot. The evidence suggests they're happy to keep throwing money into the bottomless pit. Next summer, with the FFP wiggle room, I expect they'll give whoever replaces Mowbray a few million at least to spend.
  15. I certainly don't mean a personal dig, I like to think we can have a jest at each other. Apologies. Garrett and Buckley don't play in the same position, and aren't in any way playing the same role. How can they be compared?
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