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  1. Very much still baed in the North West, sadly, I love the city and have been a couple of times. Hopefully one day get up there.
  2. Didn't really know the thread to stick this in. Some of you may know I run an account on Twitter called RoversAnalytics. Well as I posted there earlier today, I've taken a role at SPL side Heart of Midlothian in the 1st team recruitment department and will have to step away from running that account. I will also have to take a step away from posting on the board also. Thanks to anyone who supported that channel and enjoyed the stuff. Data isn't/wasn't for everyone and that's understandable, but I hope I at least created some conversation regarding it! 🙂
  3. I'd say Dan Butterworth is more like Dack than anyone. The way they both receive the ball on the half turn is very similar.
  4. "no influence on the game" - Sparks. Here's a compilation of just his interceptions & closing down from this season. Ignoring the lovely passing & other aspects of his game.
  5. Think as much as I'd like to Butterworth start, it was fairly obvious to us all that he isn't ready for 90 minutes. He's been injured two or three times for a period of over two seasons so it's going to be impacts from the bench for him for now I think. Khadra I liked but himself and Dolan are basically the same player. It's great for competition, depth and covering injuries, but I just don't think you start both of them at the same time. One to start the game, Dolan, in better form, and the other to have some impact again in Khadra. Gallagher likely comes back in, which I wouldn't personally go for as manager but it's what Mowbray will go for. Would like to see Conor McBride given a go. I have given CMcB quite a lot of stick but his goal record speaks for itself at youth level and I think he deserves a go. Guessing the Starting XI: Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Pickering Travis Rothwell Dolan Poveda Brereton Gallagher
  6. I actually thought their chances at the end came from us being really far forward looking for the 2nd and looking for a 3rd. Rothwell and Travis kept getting caught past half way and having to track back. I don't think we sat back at all...
  7. We didn't go 4-4-2. And we scored a set piece goal which completely changed the dynamic because City had to push out. Gave Rothwell some space to run into and then it was game over because they didn't have the quality to hit us back.
  8. Club haven't bothered to tweet anything but just an FYI because there's not many available right now.
  9. I thought Breo played better at the weekend than he did tonight. Goals seem to completely change people's opinions of a performance. Much like the ratings given to our players following a late Luton equaliser, which I estimate would've been at least 0.5 higher per player if they hadn't have nicked one.
  10. I mean, there's just no sense in this take at all. Playing a technical central-midfielder who excels in passing and interceptions as a winger/wide forward and then claiming he's a pointless player when it doesn't work is really harsh.
  11. Butterworth has a lot of Dack about him. Just the way they both receive the ball on the half turn and use their bodies. I think those two in the same side will be deadly.
  12. I get the sentiment but the league table doesn't really matter much 7 games in. If we were sat 3rd right now it's still highly likely we'll be nowhere near that come May 2022.
  13. Well not bang on. Thought they'd grab one and they didn't. Could see Wilks and KLP their only outlet. Going to be a long year for Mr Smallwood and his team.
  14. He's been frustrating me. His whole USP was his movement up the top end of the field. Adding goals and assists from an area we've not had them. Saturday was a start, time to keep pushing on though. I think he's lacked the confidence to overlap Ben Brereton Diaz enough. He keeps hesitating to really break into the box. I'm hoping the goal will push him on and give him what he needs to do that more. Defensively, he's a League One player. I think that was always the case though. He can improve that over time. It's worth it if he can provide in the final third. But ONLY if he can. If he can't then he's not a big improvement on Bell or Douglas at all.
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