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  1. Extremely bored of all this, anyone else? Seriously struggled watching the game today it's just utter dross.
  2. Anyone else want a Bilic or Jokanovic type, Eastern European hard nut who won't take anything less than 110%
  3. On the fact the first team trained on Ewood.. don't we have indoor facilities at Brockhall? Surely 2 days indoor training in full size pitches is just the same?
  4. Yeah mate but your garden doesn't have professional drainage systems and groundsmen employed for the upkeep?
  5. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but my god this pitch is atrocious.. everything about tonight dreadful.
  6. Poor first shot but it doesn't matter, 12 for the season. Kids on fire
  7. Perfect game for Dolan at some point.. their defence won't be able to handle him
  8. I'd disagree, we've been in control just need to step up a gear
  9. Evans realised just how terrible those touches were so he's decided to be injured.. good effort from him
  10. He's been shit ever since he had a kid and that's a fact. He'll be tired and concentration levels seriously dropping which you can tell... He's a yard behind 90% of the time
  11. How can a former Centre Back turned manager not be able to organise a solid defence?
  12. His best mate from his days at City, sadly took his own life this week..
  13. Be saying this a lot this season I imagine but he shoulda put Dolan on for SG... I know Dolan may not be in the right frame of mind after the week he's had.. but sometimes football can be the best escape
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