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  1. It’s done now, onto Wednesday, The race has just started and there’s plenty of track left to go, we go again ??
  2. Could potentially lose 3-4 mill on deal that would of been helpful in costs for the club, Wether you like them or Not the owners will still put the money in regardless so don’t see it as a big issue
  3. Liverpool known for those sort of clauses, He will have to play a certain of of games or there’s a fee involved, I find it very clever
  4. Coming home from work to this, It maybe f.*k off Derrick but well happy,
  5. We will not always be able to play high tempo all game, against some sides we will need to slow it down abit and Downing is your man for that
  6. Just coming back from a bad injury, Hoping we don’t see this situation with Dack
  7. Agreed until we have to for the future of our club then keep all assets, Armstrong is flying at the minute and if he can gatecrash the 20+ goals this season then his price will certainly go up, I feel playoffs will have to be hit this season or a few may feel they will have to move on to progress,
  8. Hope not, I have his Jersey in the post after the Cardiff game
  9. That’s the problem with loans, Unless you get promoted you have no chance in signing them, Better to go without until we can afford to get Perm deals done
  10. Same as kaminski unknown player linked and all we can do is hope he has the same impact that kaminski has had, They would of done they’re homework on him and without much cash available he could be the best option we can get
  11. My mate reckons after watching yesterday’s game we will get top 6 this year, Still didn’t get me Dolans jersey tho ?
  12. Probably have to pay Mulgrew off, And with Cunningham with Bennett injured he will be playing, would put a stop to that rumour
  13. Mowbray staying in press the other day he’s finding it difficult to get players in on loan who are on 1.5 mill a year, Question I’m asking myself is if we couldn’t afford that utd youngster what quality are these 3 loans going to be, So if he can afford 3 loans surely he could afford Manning on a perm, Is he pulling the wool over our eyes
  14. We don’t really know what Ayala deal looks like, Maybe he was given a steady wage to keep him in place with current wage structure and the rest made up with a signing on bonus,
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