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  1. Yeah it was compensation but he never got offered a pro at Rovers.
  2. Quite possibly, but that game was against several youth internationals and he played really well.
  3. I would imagine First team staff get more involved with pros at 23's upwards. The club employs managers at different levels to make these decisions. It could be budgets, positions, etc that determines who gets what. Plus, the loan system for young pro's. To suggest a first team manager gets involved with every scholar decision would seem to stretch it a bit in my opinion.
  4. Tbh..in football you never know what's around the corner. Ben Winterbottom got released last year and then signed for LFC. Game of opinions but Sam Burns showed real maturity to put in a performance like that after hearing the news last week. The word is Mowbray personally got involved to get an offer tabled.
  5. Sam Burns has subsequently been offered a pro..along with all second years except for Chanka Zimba.
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