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  1. Assuming morcambe is one, but why is it we never announce them together always a slow process, just like it annoys me that we launch the away kit weeks after the home, just launch them together ffs. Apparently a big home friendly too
  2. Same! Hes a good player badly managed and coached woukd score given a proper run and managed properly instead of by that retard fraudbray
  3. Mowbray has now got Buckley upfront where Gallagher can play, he's clearly taking the piss now, he's not arsed at all or he really is an awful manager
  4. JRC and rothwell have extentions in their contracts like nyambe
  5. Cracking player knew he was gonna be one when I watched him in the youth teams, woukd like to see him go back to his attacking positions but being versatile he can play anywhere accrues the attack and full back/wing back positions so any system he will suit, bhambe will and shoukd be sold while we can instead of risking a hoilet situation so think he's mowbrays right back now hence why he starts when he's fit cause mowbrsy knows he's leaving then pike as back up until he's ready which wont be long
  6. The academy is key to our future, sell arma and nyambe if he won't sign a new deal, we have costello as a right back and pike who is the brightest talent I've seen in a long time who will be better than nyambe, woukd rather buy cheap and sell big than spent millions on players, the academy is our future thats why maintaining its status is key to this clubs success, Southampton rebuilt on their academy and cayse of that they have been in the 9remier league for nearly a decade now with a cup final and European campaign to boot. We rely too much on Armstrong and its clear his ego has gotten too big for him now not really much of a team player hence why we've played well in tbe 2 games hes been out and dack has scored twice when you could see his frustrations with arma before. We have more exciting talent in our youth ranks than ever before, I've taken great interest in our 23s/21s and 18s for a while I've watched a lot of 23s this season thanks to live streams by other clubs and thankfully rovers have started streaming now cause of fans wishes and this is by far the most exciting the youth ranks have ever been, normally I could pick out a fair few who I think won't make it and don't but this season I think every player who's played for the 23s this season has a chance aslong as they stay grounded and continue in doing what they are doing, pike, burns, eastham, brennan,fresh out the 18s have been superb and impressed me every time, then you have the others like saddi, Whitehall, durrant who have come through with them along with older more established like Barnes, Thompson, ainnesley, then another recruit Nolan a boyhood rovers fan from Pne who had been superb since he arrived. You don't need to spend millions to compete you just need a policy and structure and plan that everybody believes in, we have the luxury of a top class academy to help us, for me mowbray needs to go and let a new man come in with ideas to take us to the next level but I can't see it happening till summer 2022 when mowbrays deal is us so he will be allowed one last throw of the dice, but they way he's been talking about the future and taking about a new manager and he hopes they don't undo the foundations he's set he's only aiming to leave us in a strong position and his job his done like a Middlesbrough and take a break from the game, he's gone from talking promotion and us being a premier league club to talking it down and talking about another manager so clearly he knows his job now and waggot won't be around much longer to back him up as there are rumours of his retirement
  7. Not a bad thing at all,most clubs have all teams under one roof, it also helps running costs,plus the senior centre has pitches that go unused so aslong as the facility's are brought to standard or better and academy status is maintained then it's a good thing
  8. Nike,puma, umbro, addidas are the same with catalogues even hummel have gone that way,wanna see kappa who's kits and training gear is class back or go with someone smaller who will make more effort with designs
  9. An idea would be with a new stand in the corner of the Riverside and blsckburn end implement a museum and a new blues bar move the shop into the current blues bar then the like you said the community trust and supports college can be moved into the old shop with a 4G pitch at the back or move it all onto the car park and make a bigger and better fan zone, it would be great cause everything will be next to each other adding to the atmosphere, club shop must stay in the blackburn end area cause putting it at the back if the Darwen would create all sorts if problems with a rowdy big away following especially and I'm yet to visit a ground where the shop is next to the away end, use the Darwen end car park for a new sports centre and gym
  10. No what I mean is their lack of facility's has forced them to build some shitty disabled stand so we must look to improve our ground abd facilities if we are serious about progressing, we used to be the envy now we envy others people dont realise how important ground development is for our future, we have a lot of space ewood can be fantastic with the right initiatives and vision
  11. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Travis Davenport Dack Elliot Armstrong Brereton Pears, harwood-bells, bennett,bell, Johnson, holtby, rothwell, dolan, Gallagher Evans shouldn't be considered he thinks he can just walk in soon as the internationals are coming up
  12. There is every need fkr a new stand the Riverside is done, you can't just clear it up the game has koved on we need facilities like mentioned above Burnley have been forced into building some tacky disabled stand, like Waggott said we need facilities that can make cash too, the Riverside is an eyesore its away from the pitch and damages the atmosphere, the walkway makes things worse
  13. An academy ground at Brockhall like Leicester and Fulham have at theirs its the future now, for too many years we've played too far out of town for Monday nights at 7 Bamber Bridge would be ideal kaylabd isn't easy to get too when you work and kick off is at 7
  14. I heard waggot wants the shop moving to a better location just the shop being at the back of the away fans maybe a bit strange. a few years ago the plans where revealed for a new 4G pitch abd facility's and the other day I thought why don't we rebuild the BRIC abd have a gym and swimming pool etc on there giving discount to season ticket holders maybe ? The old church car park would be a good place to sell so coffee shops abd greggs etc can be there A club museum attached to the new stand would be brilliant with a cafe we have a big history we shoukd celebrate it
  15. Suppose they are only catering for 5k tops much smaller ground so much cheaper but yeah the Riverside should have been done years ago its an eyesore needs a new one built brought close to the pitch with facilities that can bring in revenue
  16. Great Post mate! Think arma is gonna sign but no doubt there will be interest so if we can get 20m plus then snap it up that can buy us quality all over the pitch with our great recruitment team we can save a lot too. JRC is gonna be back up at right back but I don't think for long cause pike has everyone sitting up and will replace nyambe, nyambe like Armstrong signing d new contract will have us make a mint, cayse another good season and he will go for 15m plus then by then I'm sure pike will be ready
  17. Right back nyambe,JRC and pike we are well equipped Defenders defends on when Wharton gets back but we need 1 or 2 preferably 1 on perm as ayala is a liability and also depends on carter and magloires progress of they are ready Midfield I thought Johnson had another year but obviously not so he's playing for a contract but obviously we need experience so I would give him another year while the rest go but Holtby I think wants to go back to Germany, the balance leaves us with travis and davenport as the more defensive midfielders, Buckley who needs a year on loan in l1 to toughen up as your more creative midfielder and rothwell and dack as your more attacking with lyons as an option too so my assessment on midfield is we are gonna need to add a couple, we need someone who can sit and move the ball around like downing and Holtby and a box to box type is ideal Wingers elliots departure will be huge boots to fill, only wingers are dolan, JRC who should be played there cause its his actual position and brereton means we are lacking that experience and genuine proven quality so we need 1 or 2 unless of course we change the system which I doubt we will. Strikers Armstrong and Gallagher are abd should be our only options based on our current squad Gallagher shouldn't be considered a winger so its one or the other or both upfront so ideally we need 1 more striker
  18. Most of them will sign new deals like lenihan, dolan, brereton, JRC etc Johnson has another year dosnt he ? Holtby I don't think will think missing his family has affected his game and I couldn't blame him of he opts to leave, I thought Wharton was only out till summer but either way ayala being a liability cahse of injury we will likely need to recruit 2 more defenders 1 on loan 1 perm to provide depth and cover unless carter makes great progress and Burton and comes back and hits tbe ground running same with magliore. The club are working on extensions for arma and nyambe, obviously at left back signing Douglas will be great cause then we are covered cause otherwise we only have Thompson in the 23s as back up or JRC but at right back there is nyambe and JRC who does a smashing job then the fantastic young pike who will be nyambes replacement when he is eventually sold on. Either way a lot of deadwood will be gone saving big wages Evans especially who conveniently again is fit in good time for the international break he will no doubt end up at Stoke
  19. Absolutely well said! Loans these days are all useful or quality when not long ago it was feeney, Paul Taylor etc mowbray has done well with loans since his arrival the only bad ones you could say are harper and walton off the top of my head
  20. Interesting I like it but can't see him dropping brereton
  21. Armstrong is currently being negotiated, Johnson i wouldn't offer a new deal too cayse after next season I doubt he will be as useful, JRC will sign, if Wharton is still injured then maybe that will mean we may keep one of carter or magliore for cover
  22. With the transfer window shut again and a successful one at that I thought we could take a look into what we will have at our disposal for when pre season starts in late June, looking at what options miwbray will have and what sort of players could possibly be added and who could go out on loan Goalkeepers: kaminski, Pears, stergiakis, eastham Central defenders: lenihan, ayala, Wharton, Carter, magliore Right back: nyambe, pike, JRC Left back: pickering, Thompson Central midfielders: travis, Johnson, Davenport, dack, rothwell, lyons, Buckley Wingers: dolan, brereton, rothwell, JRC, Vale, butterworth Strikers: Armstrong, brereton, Gallagher, butterworth In the Goalkeeping department kaminski is the best since brad friedel nothing more has to be said, pears was pointless 300k for a keeper as bad as leuitweiler didn't cost much less than kaminski and happens to be mowbrays mates son from Middlesbrough I will never understand that signing but leaves us the ability to loan out the young keepers, eastham is the best young keeper I've seen for his age, I'm impressed with him everytine i watch him his distribution is what I expect from a brazillian or Spaniard, he's an asset and will be a long term replacement for kaminski, would like to see him loaned out along with the greek lad or Hilton again. The future looks bright for keepers What system mowbray plays between now and May could determine our recruitment in tbe summer, will he stick to the status quo ? Or change to a back 3 to accommodate our new defenders ? Half a season i doubt will be enough for city abd Everton to judge weather their lads are better than the championship should they perform just like it aint enough for us to judge if carter and magliore are ready for us so I would like to think we access them in pre season before loaning them out for a season cayse then should we still be playing championship football come summer 22 then I believe they will be ready to step up, took Wharton a few loans in L1 and 2 to be ready, should that happen then it would leave us with 3 defenders which isn't enough, should we continue with 4 at the back then we would need to add another defender again hopefully one of branthwaite or THB should their loan end a success but shoukd we adopt a 3 at the back system like we think then bring both back or maybe one and opt for an experienced defender on a permanent. In terms of midfield with travis, Johnson davenport it leaves us well equipped in the defensive side of it even lyons loves a tackle. with holtby out of contract and I have a feeling he won't sign and opt back to Germany for family reasons then it leaves us short in a creative role with only Buckley who arguably needs a loan out anyway able to play that role so thats where mowbray will likely look to recruit, should we stick to 433 dack will play in that free role, and wisely mowbrsy will judge weather to go with the travis/johnson/davenport combination in 2 holding mid roles and dack or rothwell in the free role or one of the 3 again with rothwell and dack on who we are playing. Either way I expect that we will recruit 1 or 2 midfielders again as I expect downing will retire and Evans, bennett, trybul leaving. On the wing or left abd right attack whichever way mowbray puts it when you look at the options we have and their actual positions we are lacking, of course this won't matter much if we do go with wing backs as the only genuine wingers we have are dolan, JRC,vale even butterworth and of course brereton has adapted and only JRC would fit in the wing back role on either side, but there is also the option of a 523 system which will be provide a good flexible option to change into during games like for example if mowbray decides to sacrifice a midfielder or striker to opt with wingers. we are good for strikers, weather vale is ready depends on his Rochdale loan but again he's one that will need to be accessed in pre season before judgment takes place on weather he should go back out cause again I think he will be one solid season out on loan from being ready should we still be playing championship football in summer 2022, weather we need to recruit a proven goalscorer depends on Armstrong being here, brereton of course an option and like brereton I would like to see Gallagher played as a striker, like brereton again he's been harshly criticised when he's played out of position, but with gally he can't adapt to that role, he does not have the pace, technique nor ability to master a wing role but certainly has the effort and chips in with the odd goal but in reality he should be a plan B or impact sub like Danny Graham after all he was brought in as long term replacement for him, in my opinion we should adopt the 532 system big man little man combination upfront with arma and brereton or gally upfront with the ability and depth to switch to 523/353/5311 whenever necessary to use our wingers, but should we continue to use the current system/systems I expect us to bring in 1 or 2 wingers Ideal ins: douglas/left back CMx2, striker, winger or more depending on system Ideal outs: carter (loan), magliore (loan) vale (loan) butterworth (loan) lyons (loan), Buckley (loan) My ideal lineup 21/22 ? Kaminski RCB Lenihan CB New defender CB Wharton RWB Nyambe LWB pickering CM Travis CM rothwell CM Dack ST Armstrong ST Brereton Subs: pears, ayala, douglas/new leftback,JRC, davenport, Johnson, Dolan, Gallagher, new striker Thoughts?
  23. Totally agree hopefully steeper even though the wba one seems pointless its got like 10 rows, I really wanna see a club museum though, I would even even develop the shop too make it 2 floored with a cafe upstairs and make blues bar drinks only
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