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  1. as young as i was i can still remember the last stretch of that season,we simply did`nt score enough goals,not sure if it`s true but kendal wanted to sign bob latchford before he went to swansea but the board refused to spend the money🤨 lol@the police dog,an alsation a day keeps the yobs at bay,dem things are vicious!!!!!!
  2. to be fair to tony,he does seem more intense on the touchline this year and we do look more solid,i thought we`de struggle badly so im`e quite happy at the moment,can`t say id`e be happy if he got a new contract though🤥
  3. big ben did alright,never stopped running and gave the barnsley centre back a busy afternoon,he is`nt however a hold up man,rothwell was played in the wrong postion,poveda was useless(i hope there is more to come from him),buckley was out of position as well,we are a lot stronger defensively,you complain about a point away from home against a pretty decent side
  4. buckley is to lightweight,he might have ability but thats no good if you keep getting knocked off the ball and then disapear from the game,we can`t keep taking passengers into games imo
  5. a creditable 3-3 draw with the greek fellow stergiakis saving a last minute penalty
  6. tony don`t half contradict himself,the alcies who sit on the benches in chorley bottoms talk more sense
  7. just announced on the bbc website,how many points deduction is it??
  8. mowbray would`nt get sacked if he took us into the conference,the only man who can relieve us of mowbray is tony himself,personally think he`ll reach some settlement and walk away at the end of this season,with a self satisfied demenour and a farewell from his telegraph groupies
  9. forest losing again,i banged 20 quid on them to win tonight🤔,hughton will be toast if they lose again
  10. we`ve lost fans because of venkys,now we also have overpriced admission,**** football and a club that does`nt engage with it`s remaining fanbase,it`s as simple as that,the only way rovers will ever recover is if venkys decide to sell and the new owners actually understand about the game or we end up in administration,take the hit and rise again from the ashes,we ar`nt going on any upward curve with mowbray and maggot
  11. to be fair to diaz,he was isolated to **** before the subs,he aint no shearer thus struggled badly on his own
  12. me to🙂,sure we`ll have a decent following,results are on the up and barnsley is`nt to far away,cmon you blues
  13. you only need to look at our c.e.o to know why home crowds are so low,our away following is healthy
  14. tough game on saturday,barnsley are like luton,they like the direct route,got to start with butterworth and khadra shirley
  15. true,they hav`nt got a final ball though,like a lot of teams in the championship
  16. i think even tony was p****d off with that first half,it was more an air of desperation from him,i guarantee he did`nt turn to venus and say lets get some attacking players on
  17. butterworth and khadra have to start on saturday,khadra in particular looks a really good player
  18. an attack minded manager would completely turn our team around,fergie always had the attitude that the best of defence is attack and he was`nt to bad a manager was he!!
  19. ayala reminds me of craig short,no messing about defensively and a threat from set pieces
  20. garns at 63 still offers more of a goal threat than brereton and gallagher,he did`nt cost 12 million quid either😉
  21. two very winnable home games that would send us into the top six,we can`t beat a team of cloggers in luton and a poor hull side are running rings round us,just **** off mowbray
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