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  1. As the decade draws to a close which has been a very turbulent time to be a rovers supporter but thankfully there does seem to be a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Granted we have spent a significant amount of time outside the premier league. What’s everyone’s team of the decade.. thoughts? Robinson Salgado Samba Nelsen Olson Phil Jones Jermaine Jones Dunn Pedersen Yakubu Rhodes
  2. Whoever was the keeping coach for the Friedel era we should be taking that route. A great keeper who saved us at least 10 points a season.
  3. With the draw for the third round of the FA Cup this evening which team would Rovers fans like to face? Personally I would like a big club at Ewood probably the way they are playing Man Utd. Giant killing on the cards.
  4. Can’t see Scotland qualifying for any tournaments any time soon. Lacking in several positions. Bet McTomminay wishes he chose the mighty England with the quality that is coming though right now. The futures bright.
  5. If we got a GK & CB in January like we paid for Friedel & Nelson we wouldn’t go far wrong though not sold on Mowbury scouting network as yet. Never less there’s lot more optimism after last few performances. COYB
  6. Is it a coincidence results pick up when Graham leads the line?
  7. Great news that Mowbury hasn’t tinkered with the starting 11 as consistency is the key. Will be interesting to see how Downing copes with the speed of Ince. Come on Rovers lets get 3 points!!
  8. I’d have Bony on a 6 month loan. Low risk & could benefit both parties.
  9. Gladwin long awaited return after being riddled with injuries could be good for the morale for players such as Samuel & Davenport that there is light end of the tunnel.
  10. I agree loan out Samuel & BB to get a run of games under their belt & bring in a replacement with more quality on loan.
  11. A new left back in January! Bells time must be up as he is now behind Downing at left back. Though Downing did put a good shift in tonight.
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