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  1. Yea fair point slight edit then haha I’m recent times buckley is too weak doesn’t offer anything gives the ball away too much. the problem is there is too much backwards and sideway passing. Possession means nothing unless you can defend properly and have a striker that isn’t hell bent on his personal goals rather than the team. personally I think Armstrong has an offer elsewhere and just going through the motions. the way Mowbray is treating Dolan is exactly like chapman wasting there natural talent and knocking there confidence. Mowbray constantly going on about stronger back be
  2. Well Mowbray has to go. He is out dated the clubs needs taking into a different direction. he has taken us as far as he can there is only a plan A same type of subs every game no chance in tactics if plan A isn’t working then blames his players and nothing else he seems to make panic subs and his squad selection is embarrassing, putting players out of position every week Gallagher centre back as soon as we go 1-1 it’s embarrassing . Darragh needs dropping he has by far been the worst player this season. Armstrong needs dropping to be taught a lesson on it’s a team sport pass the fucking b
  3. What’s he done the last few games he’s still a kid needs to be dipped in and out of games he needs to work harder track back defend the last 2 games he has just walked about the pitch done 1 decent run in the full 95mins
  4. Gallagher brereton Dolan Elliott trybull JRC are just not good enough. How many chances does TM want to give brereton Gallagher before he realises they are shit. Same players week in week out are very poor yet get chance after chance and others don’t get a sniff. personally I think TM and veno have to go they look clueless every game. Yes injuries have not helped the team but why not rotate the team and give others a shot to prove the worth. They have to go
  5. Exactly too many players are below par week after week but some how still play whilst others are left in the wind. JRC and Buckley are perfect examples of this I’m sure they a mowbrays love child’s. Buckley is nowhere near strong enough to be playing yet chance after chance mistake after mistake same as JRC to many mistakes diving in for tackles out of position all the time
  6. I haven’t a clue you don’t even know me you idiot fully experienced in all levels of football and I will be the first to say it’s a poison game. You can’t judge him on last nights game but if you are wanting too we wouldn’t have a team at all coz they were all poor. So you can stop your google searches and relax abit
  7. Only player to come off the pitch with credit last night was Armstrong he didn’t do anything else but score 2 goals but that’s what you want from your strikers. So can’t really blame it all on the keeper defending was terrible the worst it has been since relegation to league 1
  8. Well off the pace all over the pitch last night. JRC not good enough at full back well out of position for the 2nd & 4th goal and he was beaten to easily for the 3rd goal. Lenihan has been poor all season teams must play again at us and target him he is the weak link in centre half. Midfield too slow in possession and the subs didn’t impact the game at all and for BB and SG they are terrible in all honesty SG on the pitch needs to be central and not out wide. Mowbray has taken us as far as he can he only has 1 way of playing and if that isn’t working there isn’t a plan B he has to be walki
  9. He hasn’t contributed anything last 3 games he’s still a boy needs to be dipped in and out. Eventually he will get mowbrayed and play full back ?
  10. JRC for NYAMBE JOHNSON for BUCKLEY (should be dropped out the squad) that’s your starting 11. dolan needs to have a few games u23
  11. Agreed I said this when we signed Elliott and Dolan they will get found out neither of them put a decent cross in at all. Think it’s time for chapman to get a run of games every other player seems to have a run yet this kid doesn’t on tonight’s performance and the last few games I can’t see why not. mowbray is treading in thin ice a few more consecutive loses and he gets the sack he has taking the club as far as he can
  12. Totally agree he doesn’t do enough for the team it’s all about him
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