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  1. Looking at this bit (After VPN to Great Britain due to material not available otherwise). I think after all this COULD be the goal and video.. the commentary beginning sounds familiar, but indeed its cut before that Andy Gray part begins! ?
  2. Thanks of the effort guys! Its a beauty that 2006 against Spurs goal, but thats not it. Believe me, I've searched youtube for it ?. I'm pretty positive its Andy Gray, he's the secondary commentator to the other guy. Just remembered further lines, like "But when Tugay hits them like this, there's no saving it, absolutely stunning". And the usual "Take a bow son, brrilliant" is almost unmistakable sentence. I'd remember in the video the game was played towards other end of the field also. Well ultimately if I just try to find all Tugay's blackburn goals, I should come up with that ev
  3. Now this might be incredibly stupid question, but well here goes trying! I've been a Rovers fan, probably ~15years now. I was a huge fan of Tugay when he was playing for Blackburn. He was such a natural midfield maestro with great technique.. and great shooting. Anyway, I remember back in the 'early days of youtube', watching one goal highlight by Tugay, whichs' commentary is just stuck in my head. It was a "regular" Tugay type Goal of the Season contender. Thunderbolt from 30 yards out etc.. There are currently some videos in Youtube of Tugay goals for Blackburn but I cant find that
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