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  1. These two are connected. Travis is worrying me and has been since his return from injury. Just hasn't seemed quite the same.
  2. So, in other words he needs to stop cheating so much? He'd be a better player if he wasn't always looking to go down like a sack of spuds, that much is for sure.
  3. As a defender I'd be happy against either tbf, so when you consider that they cost £12 million between them... That truly is a shocker!!!!
  4. The 45 minutes before booing = 0-0 The 45 minutes after booing = 2-0
  5. Daniel Ayala...A centre-half worth waiting a season for? Arrived on a free, he's been our best player of the season by far up to now. The Boro connection's paid off*! * - Ignore Pears, Chapman etc., etc....
  6. Yes. Gally had a shocker and Butterworth was the obvious replacement. TM instead decided to keep him but still completely mess up the entire formation of the entire team when 2-0 up.
  7. We can tear out our hair all we like at the state of the squad but the truth is that we would only be one point off the play offs is TM hadn't brainlessly thrown away two points on Saturday. A decent manager would be fine with this squad, certainly get it top half. We just need to bring one in.
  8. ....and we paid £5 million for him. Plus just sold Armstrong and not brought in another striker, so we're pretty much stuck with him in the team. £12 million for Brereton and Gallagher. Yowzers.
  9. Who disagreed? Nobody. He was awful. I didn't read a single poster state otherwise. Crowned off by the worst ever run-the-ball-to-the-corner-flag since all the way back when he did the same against PNE.
  10. He wasn't the main culprit, however. Not arguing that he was awful on that goal, but he was trying to mop up the mess of the rest of the defence. Why was he there? Because our 27 central defenders had gone AWOL. He should have been covering one of two Luton players on their left but he got sucked into covering the player in the middle which none of the central defenders had picked up and who Travis preferred to watch stroll into the area unopposed rather than to run a little tiny bit faster to track. So yep, not great from Nyambe but everyone else did just abnegate their responsibilities and left him holding the can. I don't think we'll get much for Nyambe, he's stalled badly in his career.
  11. Surely he'd rather come to a mid-table second tier side in England than a mid-table second tier side in Germany?
  12. No time was added on for the ref injury, five additional minutes of play was indicated and five minutes were played. We conceded in the fourth of them.
  13. I bet nobody on the planet can give a good answer for this. Mowbray can't. Chapman can't. God can't. Madness.
  14. He does not consistently try hard, that's his problem. His not tracking back time and time again is leading to more and more issues. He's our defensive midfielder who can't be bothered with the defensive bit. He's been crap since his injury, but he's been back six months now. It's no longer an excuse.
  15. Oh, he's never going to be a world beater but he can be a big lump making a nuisance. That said, sometimes he has shockers and yesterday was one. The main issue we have is that TM spunked 5 million away on him and now we have nobody else to play there, especially as TM refuses to think about BBD as anything but a left-sided attacker in the Rashford mould. So, not as if we have too much choice...unless we play Dolan as a central stiker...
  16. A better option than that is sacking TM before half nine this morning...
  17. Wetherspoons IS the nice pub in Blackburn town centre these days!!!! The alternatives are Sam's Bar and The Sun and not much else, alas...
  18. She couldn't. For whatever reason, Radacanu has been in the hottest of hot streaks these past three weeks. To not lose a single set in your entire first US Open is ridiculous.
  19. Get Sturridge in for crying out loud. He must be desperate to try and restart his career. Who wouldn't have replaced a clearly shattered (and clearly having a shit game) Gally with him for the last 15/20 minutes yesterday?
  20. Burton 1 Gillingham 1 Described as "lively" today by the BBC. Why have we sent a winger who can cross the ball on loan when we're finally playing a big lummox up front? Mowbray Out.
  21. The only surprise was that we can still be even slightly surprised by Mowbray single-handedly throwing away a win. I think Luton probably deserved a draw, especially as we should have been down to ten men for most of the match, but that doesn't excuse TM brainlessly throwing away what would have been three fortuitous points. Why, after his formation and selection had led to us being 2-0 up after two thirds of the game, did he so recklessly and needlessly gamble with a completely new system? All momentum was instantly reversed, we were suddenly on the back foot and moving to five at the back bizarrely made us LESS defensively secure than when we had a back four. It invited pressure from Luton and, ultimately, cost us two points. It all stems from that. We wouldn't be rounding on the players so much if TM hadn't messed it all up for them and from that brainless choice onwards the players no longer felt secure in what they were doing and it was all so depressingly familiar in the end. Gallagher through the middle is still the way to go as it's better than him messing up on the wing. That said, he was awful today and should have been taken off before the end. The pathetic attempt to run down time at the end was dumb, incompetently managed and led to the equaliser. If TM was finally to give Gally a run down the centre, then why the hell would you send a winger like Chapman off on loan during the last year of his contract when we could just then suddenly do with someone who can cross a bloody ball?!? He should have come on today and Dolan could have run around up front for the last quarter of an hour. But no, he was apparently "lively" according to the BBC while having a good game for Burton and us no doubt paying at least half of his wages. Why when we have such a small squad is he being sent on loan? Who the hell are we developing him for as it's blatantly not us who will benefit from this cretinous decision... Others who were poor were Travis who is defensively turning into an absolute liability for the team. Seriously, watch him whenever he should be tracking a player back. He just saunters back and lets them cause havoc. It happened against Boro and it happened for both goals today. Nyambe needed to do better for the first, but if you look he's having to cover someone else's player while two Luton lads were left alone on their left side, exactly the position Nyambe was supposed to be covering...all while Travis strolls back instead of keeping tabs on the scorer and why the heck all three of our central defenders had been dragged wide...?!?!? So...as bad as our capitulation was and the performances of some of our players, we wouldn't be having this conversation if TM hadn't screwed up. We'd have said that the likes of Ben, Nyambe, Travis and Gally all had bad games, but at least they didn't cost us. They only cost us because TM threw away the two points with his startling tactical ineptitude. Nothing will change while he's leading our club. And nothing will change while Venky's own us. Oh, and 170 quid for a MyRovers season ticket is proving an absolute rip-off too...so, who'd be a Rovers fans under this bloody collective circus of clowns?!?
  22. Can anyone clue us in on what happened in the first half? Quite a few of the regular posters probably didn't get to see anything. How did we play? Is Gally really up front or did TM get bored after 35 minutes and tell him to hug the touchline? Does Nyambe look fit and should we take Lenihan off as a precautionary measure?
  23. I don't even get that screen. It literally has nothing going on that I can click on (I do get the right-hand side though).
  24. Cheers Miker! I actually find it hard to be critical of TM when he just, you know, plays players in their actual positions. He doesn't help himself at times. He's hoping the smaller squad size will keep on working for him/us. And...Ronaldo scores. Could be worse, he's my FPL captain this week.
  25. It's complete bullshit. We're paying the price of a Young Adult season ticket yet never going to the ground, no need for staff throughout the year to help us or stewards to guard us. We just want to watch the game online. It used to be a pain when it was 79quid a season but since increasing the price by 125% then now...It's just not good enough.
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