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  1. 'How many season tickets have you sold, Steve' 'I haven't looked'
  2. Reliable journalist addresses Alex Neil to Blackburn Rovers talk as pressure builds on Tony Mowbray | Football League World No to Neil says Nixon. Mercer snorts in derision. To be continued....
  3. 'The situation will be reviewed once the season has been completed, with an investigation into how the campaign deteriorated and how the club propose to move forward. Owners' Representative Suhail Shaikh and Chief Executive Steve Waggott will be at the centre of those discussions' Mogga's bestie and a bloke who knows nowt about football will decide Mogga's future. What could possibly go wrong.🙄 The dullard is staying.
  4. I bet he's delighted not being managed by Uncle Dickhead anymore. I'd imagine his time here has been blighted by tedious lectures about being a good human. On ability alone I think he's easily good enough for the Championship.
  5. Brings Derby right back into it. They'll be up for it on Friday now you'd think.
  6. Rotherham have only got time for a quick nap before they play Cov on Thursday. If they win that we're officially in a relegation battle. Can Tony take us down twice?
  7. I think he did the same at Cov. Near the top at Christmas, fell away dramatically in the second half of the season. The season after was when he resigned an honourable man after no win in the first ten matches of the season, or summat like that. That's us next season...
  8. They pay for you to have a platform to moan about Adam Armstrong. All hail the ads.
  9. Championship Relegation Betting Odds | Football | Oddschecker 80/1 on Rovers to go down. License to print money.
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