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  1. Absolutely a loan spell. He needs football in midfield. No point playing him at RB and having his confidence destroyed.
  2. Yeah, that's her. She used to be a jockey and is now on the board of the Jockey Club. Any links to Matt Hancock, MP for Newmarket, and grateful recipient of ££££'s from wealthy racehorse owners, trainers etc is purely coincidental. Cheltenham March 2020 anyone. Another on the board of the Jockey Club is Rose Paterson, wife of Tory backbencher Owen Paterson. She's chair of Aintree racecourse, whose Grand National is sponsored by a company, Randox Health, that Owen Paterson advises. They got an untendered contract for covid testing kits worth £133m. All pure coincidence! And the sad thing
  3. Or he's actually capable of more than a 10 yard sideways pass and is looking for a bit of movement ahead of him. Quality player is Bucko, he'll prove a lot of people wrong in time. Just not a right-back. Played in his more favoured position and scored the other day. Probably not a coincidence. That pass against Wycombe tells you everything you need to know about the quality he has. Obviously you dismissed it as being against 10 men which was utterly irrelevant to the weight and timing of the pass.
  4. A track, trace and isolate system that actually works. Enforced quarantine, break it and you get heavily fined., preferably imprisoned for endangering life. If we'd has this to start with we may not have the highest death rate in the world.. Bozo and his libertarian bullshit just doesn't work in a pandemic.
  5. Please stop repeating that. It's utter nonsense. Nailed your colours firmly to the mast there🙄
  6. Talking can spread Covid as much as coughing, says research | World news | The Guardian
  7. We were linked with some Scottish fella from Motherwell a page or two back. Looks like Mogga is after another on loan judging by todays LT
  8. Tom Newton Dunn on Twitter: "Will Easter be the new Xmas, albeit a thin one? This is the PM's new hope, I'm told. He has privately shared an aspiration to see restrictions begin to ease by Good Friday (April 2), to allow families some small contact again. But there is tension with Chris Whitty though (1)" / Twitter ...good thread here on easing of restrictions. Easter is the new govt hope for when it will begin.
  9. Swansea's weaknesses vs ours. Tony might want to try and work on some defending on the training pitch.
  10. Well, there's been a few goals in this fixture of late so here's hoping for another 4-2 to Rovers! Thanks for the preview. Good read.
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