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  1. Rovers to host Morecambe in the Carabao Cup | rovers.co.uk
  2. cheers for posting, i'll look forward to that. Loved RN! Absolute warrior!
  3. Another one I knew briefly, (not Rovers) played in a major cup final but was a rugby league man. Didn't like football and absolutely detested most footballers and and thought they were all 'ponces'. It's just a job to some of them.
  4. Competition for places. If your back-up RB isn't bothered about playing 1st team football, the first choice RB isn't under any pressure to perform to keep his place. Some footballers don't even like football. It's just a job. I used to know a Rovers player in the 80's who hated every minute of it. He'd have happily just turned up for training, picked up his wage and never got on the team sheet.
  5. That's a tough opening month:- August 7 - Swansea City (H) 14 - Millwall (A) 18 - Nottingham Forest (A) 21 - West Brom (H) 28 - Middlesbrough (A)
  6. Everyone's available at the right price, they just have to want to come to Rovers.
  7. Re the EFL/Derby article, what does the following mean in layman's terms:- More specifically, the panel determined that the Club’s policy was not in accordance with accounting standard FRS102 because it failed to accurately reflect the manner in which the Club takes the benefit of player registrations over the lifetime of a player’s contract.
  8. ‘It’s such a relief’: how Europe’s Covid vaccine rollout is catching up with UK | Europe | The Guardian Slow start, catching up quickly.
  9. We'll stuff Germany then lose to Wales in the Semi's. 🙄
  10. Who do we play next round? Is it 2nd or 3rd place of the group currently playing?
  11. What will determine the expectation for Blackburn Rovers? | Lancashire Telegraph “At the end of the day everything is about expectation,” he said. “If you’ve got a talented young team who need to grow, the expectation should be less than if you’ve spent £100m.” Mowbray's negativity begins again in earnest. Getting his excuses in before a ball is kicked.
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