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  1. It's not about you. It's about BRFC. All the 'positive thinking' in the world isn't going to make Mowbray a better manager, or Venky's better owners.
  2. Does that mean they were 6 days late? So middle of July before any movement can be made in the transfer market?
  3. Southampton ready second transfer bid for Blackburn Rovers striker Adam Armstrong - HampshireLive Looks like others are in on the LT conspiracy to sell AA😉 Southampton win race for Blackburn Rovers' Adam Armstrong? - (sportsmole.co.uk) Other reports saying a fee of just over £10m has been agreed. FWIW Nixon saying we want £25m
  4. If it wasn't for the LT then I couldn't conceive of the top scorer in the Championship being sold. Especially as he won't sign a new contract. It would be a total surprise to see him go. Thank you LT for opening my eyes and preparing me for his departure. The shock could have killed me. 🙄
  5. Why would you not believe it? A bid from another club has nothing to do with how Rovers operate. Well, actually it does. There's more likely to be a bid from another club for a player that's just finished leading scorer but who's club have allowed his contract to run down because they are idiots. Some will see AA as a bargain. I believe it. I'm just intrigued to how much they've taken the piss with their bid amount.
  6. I doubt it mate. AA's agent will be telling all and sundry if there is a bid. It won't need the LT doing the agent's work.
  7. So, still no signings, and still no confirmation from the club that we are either in an embargo or that we've exited one. Absolute shambles of a football club, owned and run by people who should be nowhere near professional sport.
  8. The laughing and the new contract are as nailed on as a Mowbray 10-game winless run.
  9. How many times are you going to respond to my original post? Let it go👍
  10. Of course Rovers can say we're in an embargo. It's not up to the EFL. They inform the club, the club makes it public.
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