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  1. Chaddy is against him coming - I think. The clubs had to phrase their statement in the way they did. let's not kid ourselves, the purpose of the meeting of the 14 tomorrow is to kick the 6 out of the premier league. As Kevin Maguire put it the money that's currently going to 80-90 clubs will in future go to 20. There are a lot of snouts out of joint.
  2. I picked up on that. He looked like he was shaking with suppressed rage during the interview. Two managers have now come out 'first I heard about it was yesterday' - that sounds like a prepared statement that they have to say.
  3. It's also on Sky Sports news, live Sky sports must have changed their mind as it isn't live on sky sports news
  4. I see him as a Pie and Peas guy. He'd be transformative in charge of Celtic.
  5. Could Celtic afford him? I can see Klopp going to Celtic.
  6. I would if I were Venkys. Sounds to me like you're not prepared to pay what's necessary to secure success. And yes, I am assuming Mourinho being here would guarantee promotion.
  7. I've given up trying to guess Venkys expected actions. Would you have Mourinho here or not?
  8. I'm currently living on planet earth, but one day I hope to live on planet Mars. Who gave Leeds a chance of getting Bielsa?
  9. You previously told me you were not going to answer a hypothetical question as to whether you'd have Mouriunho here, because he wasn't available. He is now available, would you have him here? Now?
  10. I don't see the proposal as taking away any funding at all from the Europa League. As for funding in English, Spanish and Italian league, I've already said that I think the Premier League will cease to exist. And now I'm into repeating my self. I can see I'm going to have to resort to the PMQ 'Please refer to my answer previously.
  11. I've already said. I have no intention of restating previous comments. I see the tone in this thread has now shifted to try to provoke me.
  12. You mentioned association football. You really are trying to shift the conversation and then shift the blame onto me. You've clearly lost the argument by doing that.
  13. Aside from your knee-jerk reaction, what's your point? I've got the high ground.
  14. That it was an association of teams playing our association football that doesn't have promotion or relegation. When our football league started it was one league without promotion or relegation.
  15. I made no statement about the quality of the MLS or the status of the US national team.
  16. @Ewood AceThe MLS doesn't have promotion or relegation. The current football structure is a ponzi scheme. It will collapse @chaddyroversThis proposal does not affect the Europa League one iota.
  17. Boris cannot stop it. Liverpool has a global fan base. Why keep asking me which teams will opt to play in the qualifiers? I do not know.
  18. I said how I expected them to act and quoted the recent example of Tampa Bay not Man Utd.
  19. @chaddyrovers This proposal has nothing to do with the Europa League. PSG has access to resources that far dwarfs the rest of Ligue 1 and its reasons are spurious.
  20. 5 teams under the plans will qualify from a qualifying stage. They will be the best of the rest. Manchester City and Chelsea have also signed a 23 year commitment to the ESL. I expect we'll find out on what grounds players will be banned from UEFA competitions. @chaddyroversAll these opinions you keep quoting are from people who don't matter.
  21. I've no idea why the other three clubs would turn down such a fabulous opportunity to be founding members of the ESL.
  22. I've never met the Glazers. I expect them to act in their own interests and those of their clubs like they did with Tampa Bay by signing Tom Brady and buying a Superbowl.
  23. If there are only 12 founding members, there'll be 8 spots open to qualification. The 6 have no wish to walk away from our football pyramid.
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