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  1. Again a distortion. I've already said I don't think these plans will get past Base 1. That's not unflinching support, it's an opinion that the planning process and RVBC will leave this dead in the water.
  2. You don't reply to Stuart or Rev's posts and start the response with the words "I'd missed off .... " Or for that matter (going back a couple of months) state as fact that the undersoil heating at Ewood has been left to rot. Shown up for the lie that it was when it transpires the undersoil heating has actually been on for weeks at a time this winter. That's not forensic or passionate, it's making things up to fit a viewpoint. As for contrarian - not correct. You yourself have often said how this site is not representative of the wider fanbase. It's an echo chamber, total silo me
  3. Did you know that the correct description is Category 1? There's nearly 2000 posts in this thread and only you and JH Rover who call it Category A 🤷‍♂️ And then there's this weird thing where you reply to JHRover in the first person...
  4. It's not really clear who is guilty of being silent or who should be hanging their heads. Or why you are throwing various forms of the "F" word into every post you make in this thread. Personally I expect this whole thing to fall over at the first hurdle, ie these speculative applications for proof of concept will fail. But let's play devil's advocate for a minute and imagine a scenario where RVBC ignore the lack of infrastructure, inadequate roads etc, and go after the council tax revenue from some new houses, so this actually goes to the next stage. That would then be the ti
  5. "The proposals for both sites are inextricably linked meaning the residential development can only go ahead in conjunction with the building of the new training facility"
  6. That's not fair. Someone's taken a screenshot of his Twitter and posted it on here to be used as target practice for the mob. It's worrying that this MB is now so polarised and so intolerant of alternative views that taking screenshots from social media is the only way to see a different view, because no sane Rovers fan who supports Mowbray staying is going to volunteer that opinion on here. Life is too short. Even just from the last few pages people who don't want Mowbray potted have been patronisingly tagged as "happy clappers", "superfans" and "Facebook Fanboy Cult". But it's an entire
  7. Sorry to be picky, but you want to put a Greggs directly opposite Ewood Sandwich Bar and Leavers Pies. Think again.
  8. Well the bit in bold is your biggest mistake. He's a fraud and a cheat as found out with the sting which cost him the England job. Probably should have been found out before. If there's one thing worse than trying to set up your son as an elite level footballer (Myles And**son) then it is actually setting up your son as a dubious football agent (Craig Allardyce). Any Rovers fan who was unlucky enough to pay to attend matches during the Allardyce years which he had clearly marked down as "can't win so don't even try" will understand where I'm coming from. Liverpool away and Stoke away sti
  9. So given that freedom to go it alone, how do you explain Germany's failure to even approve (never mind procure) their own world-leading BioNTech vaccine before the UK did? Den repeatedly said it, but Mrs Merkel repeatedly ignored him. Until now it seems, as Germany are quietly breaking away from the EU catastrophe and buying their own supplies of any vaccine they can get hold of.
  10. That subbuteo pitch (with some surrounding seats) cost more than 1 billion pounds, and it hasn't even had 50 games played on it. It would be upsetting if it had started to cut up, even in the harsh London snow last week. Spurs can only even play on it thanks to a £175 million emergency loan from the Bank of England last June. They'll have to pay that back at some point. They might be in big trouble, the whole stadium is designed to generate huge matchday income, right down to the fast pour systems on the concourse bars. It was delivered way behind schedule and now Covid will h
  11. Mowbray did quite clearly say "f*** off Neil" towards the end of the match on Sunday (at 4.53pm to be precise). It came through nice and loud on the TV. Didn't see any other Neils anywhere around at the time.
  12. It's where we are in the league in 104 days time that really matters
  13. Head Groundsman Trevor Wilkin - directly quoted in the Club Statement: "Ultimately, the first team needed to train, so Ewood, which has undersoil heating, was used as a training facility for two days in the lead up to the FA Cup tie against Doncaster." "it really was unavoidable on this occasion, as there would not have been enough time for the pitch to drain into the River Darwen, whose levels were already extremely high" "The weather had also taken its toll on the training ground, with all the pitches frozen, even though they had been covered with the frost sheets." In ot
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