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  1. I guess one could argue that it's not as close contact as spending 6hrs inside with them but it does seem like double standards. I wonder if Gilmore lives with anyone (or if he's away with the squad and sharing a room) and which rules they have to follow?
  2. The virus needs to reach somebody. Environmental conditions (UV, humidity etc.) limit the life of the virus. Wearing a face mask limits the distance the virus can be projected so helps keep everyone safer. Try blowing out a candle with your mask on. Or, to use your analogy, throw your tennis ball into a gale. Not wearing a mask is just selfish nonsense (VERY few exceptions) I agree with the social distancing though, easy to feel protected in a mask but they don't filter the air enough, as you say, for people to stand next to each other. It's just an extra level of protection.
  3. All this talk of Dack reminds me of the Jordan Rhodes debate. Do you focus around your most dangerous player or go for a team approach? For me, this formation is much better to watch but the jury is out on its efficacy. However, I am optimistic on early showings! I wouldn't change it for Dack but not something we need to worry about just yet. I'm sure we will work on various styles in training so we don't necessarily have to shoehorn him in, it will be a horses for courses approach. We know Tony loves a tinker!
  4. Surely this is the season to trial a monthly 'membership' in place of a season ticket? Say £10/month until crowds return and then £30/month thereafter. Fans could choose to upgrade or stick with ifollow. Appreciate it's not for everyone but I think it would be a fairer method and locks people in. Downside is it would be difficult for the club to budget but so many things are subscription these days I think Rovers need to join in.
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