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  1. It depends on if you are obtuse or not..... Feck me it seems the in phrase tonight.
  2. Considering Brereton, Gallagher Dolan and Elliot s efforts don't amount to Armstrongs efforts I fail to see where the goals would have come from. Don't get me wrong Stuart.... Armstrong for me is probably having the best goal scoring season of his career and I can't see that happening any time soon especially if he's bench warming a Premier league team. Greedy is good sometimes... Boycott played for himself many times but won England a fair few test matches
  3. Take Armstrongs goals out of our shitty results and we would be looking backwards at next seasons league one fixtures. Stats mean bugger all to me. Points on the board are more important.
  4. Nail on head. I absolutely hate the berating of our own players, especially when you can see they are trying. Im not a Mowbray hater but the last 4 months have gone pear shaped massively. Why he continues with the likes of Gallagher and Brereton out wide and 5 foot nothings down the middle is mind boggling. I would really love to know why. Christ, Brent Peters at Bacup Borough would know different. Im not saying Brereton or Gallagher are the answer but Tony has absolutely ruined both. Venus looks uninterested in the dug out as well. Reminds me of an orthodontist with n
  5. 13 for me. Some tricky questions there but should have done a tad better.
  6. Probaly a number of reasons for that and not all the groundsmans fault. I would have thought most head groundsmen would take great pride in the preparation of a nice football pitch, or cricket field or whatever. They wouldn't have been in a job for long otherwise.
  7. I agree with most of who's been mentioned. Notable absentees for me are Bret Emerton and Lars Bohinen.
  8. Mom lenihan and kaminski for me. Richley deserved point against the league leaders in a thoroughly enjoyable game.
  9. Venus has be slumped in his seat since kick off. His body language is absolutely shite for someone purported to be on the management team.
  10. Thoughts with Dack first. Get to the end of season and get rid then.
  11. Is the Brentford game available on ifollow or will it be audio only?
  12. Sorry to nitpik but I think they do a decent job despite the inane ramblings some times. Who would you replace them with? Better than nothing.
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