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  1. I am clutching at straws here but on the gallery of training ahead of Saturday not one pic of Mowbray, Venus or Lowe even in the background all appears to be Johnson
  2. No real rumours anywhere just cant see this happening (I hope I am wrong). Oh and Mercer is putting his house on it definitely not happening
  3. Could you ask why we appear to be the only team in the Championship that allow the away team to use the normal dressing room just another example of just being to nice
  4. I had been willing to give Mowbray more time until this last couple of weeks when some of the things he has been saying have you just been truly bizarre.. the worst comment has to be that after the Reading game we have sat down and had a chat about how we can get more people into the box...… You mean it has taken 33 games to realise we don't get enough men in the box
  5. I wonder if we are going to come up with a brand new system almost a 3331 TK THB Lenhan Branthwaite Nyambe Travis Douglas Elliott Dack Rothwell Armstrong
  6. Blackburn Hospital is really struggling at the minute there were 290 patients in hospital with Covid yesterday and 80 in A&E where currently 40% off all who attend A&E end up being covid positive. The way the school closures have been treated is a disgrace as early as yesterday dinner I was telling my 6 year old that he was going back to school and could see his friends as schools were safe then we have to tell him that he cant go back cant see his friends as there has been a change of mind in the last couple of hours. He understands the dangers of the virus with his mum b
  7. Shouldnt have been a straight red doesnt matter if it could have been a 2nd yellow they couldnt change it to that. Rovers were playing the system something every other club in the league does and we should do more of
  8. Think this result also goes to show how impressive some of our other results have been. People saying were only flat track bullies and only got the results we have as we were playing against 10. Well today we were the team with 10 and showed what can be done when you only have 10 men.
  9. Think tonight is a Gallagher game ahead of Elliott I don't think its going to be pretty and will snap your hands off for a scrappy 1-0 if offered it. my team with what we have available would be Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Wharton/Ayala (depending on fitness) Bell Johnson Holtby Rothwell Gallagher Armstrong Brereton
  10. You confuse me Mercer you constantly tell us how the club is rotten from the top all the way down and how we are going nowhere and with this management we will never get promotion or come anywhere near it. Then every match preview we are going to roll clubs over and a win is a licence to print money
  11. Its alright saying that the deaths are at that level at the minute but ICU has just taken over another 2 full wards and half of another ward to cope with the amount of people they currently have in so expect that number to rise. they are managing to keep people alive for longer to give them a chance of making recovery due to better treatments but there is only so much they can do when they numbers will keep on rising
  12. Sparks your hatred for William is quite bizarre the games he has played for us this season he has been very good. did he by any chance tackle your wet dream Whiteman at some point
  13. Has anyone who got a season ticket received there IFollow pass code for tonight
  14. Just a quick update on the hospital a further 2 wards have had to be opened up for Covid patients ICU is at 95% capacity staff are being refused rapid turn around swabs as the hospital have been told they are using to many of them circuit breaker needs putting in place now or the hospital will be overrun by the end of the month at current rates
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