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  1. Hello Rovers fans We're looking for your nostalgic photo and video content to help us tell the Blackburn story in the 1990s for a BBC 2 documentary. I work for Story Films and we are making a series about the history of the Premier League in the 1990s - naturally one of the major stories will be the Blackburn Renaissance under the stewardship of Jack Walker. I've been scouring the archives of ITV, the BBC and Sky but what I'm still missing is more content shot by fans around that time (let's say 91-96) to help capture the mood amongst fans and the whole town. **What sorts of things are we looking for?** Any old VHS tapes you may have been keeping where you shot your friends or family at the climax of the 94-95 season, including the celebrations General shots of Ewood Park before or after rebuild. Photos of school kids with the Premier League trophy (they toured it around local schools after the win) Interactions with players - photo or video - perhaps you met them in a local nightclub or they opened your school fete or local co-op. Ditto for Dalglish and Walker. Well shot footage of the town itself in the 1990s could also be of use. We are also interested in Walkersteel - photos and footage- which is so far missing from the news sources. Anything used in the series will be legally licensed from you, including potentially a small licensing fee to the copyright holders or assistance with transferring items of special interest. Email me: nickg@storyfilms.tv Nick Gilbert
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