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  1. Big thanks to matt83 as I had completely forgotten about gambling yesterday, until his Watford Madrid double @6/1 was noticed. Cheers Madrid made it hard work but 6/1 on a dbl like that is a cracker.
  2. I love the way so many of you gling to hope, but alas Gav is right there is no hope whilst they remain. Assest stripping, loss mitigation, who cares, we are lesser than we were before they arrived and are still clearly not at rock bottom. I hate to think where we will be at the end of their tenure.
  3. Swap? I'm surprised in todays market people don't think we would get 20 plus for arma? He's scoring goals, even when we play like muppets, he scores.
  4. It's not about football with the roas. Would a normal club keep TM after some of his losing sequences? Lest we forget TM and his cronies have just brought a 68m deal to the table. Dack and Armstrong added in and we top 100m. It's not about results.
  5. 8000 is not really that far off our normal attendance of 12. 66% of normal can watch the game live, I presume that covers season ticket holders?
  6. You don't seriously think the catering staff can serve 4000 at half time? Plenty of pies will be wasted due to slowness of service.
  7. For me after giving it all some thought, the whole 10 bloody years of it, the issues and solution seems clear. From 3 days after they bought us, we have been on a massive decline. It doesn't matter whether they were duped (don't make me laugh), who duped who and so on. The issues have existed since they walked in the door and they will exist until they leave. That is the only solution, all this talk of building relationships etc is just hope, they have been here 10 years. Leopards don't change their spots, hope kills you and neither will remove them and end our plight. The only solut
  8. Mercers big just got bigger, he must be all excited 😂👍😂 1-0 Forest 😭
  9. Out of curiosity Mercer what's 'gone big'? It just my missus says my idea of big is not actually big. So is it gally right, elliot hole, Brereton left and Armstrong up top? Our CBs combined age is less than mine hahaha. 😢
  10. No fans in the grounds, previous 'Coventry' escapades, slipping it through on the sly? Does not bode well. Anyone up for the taxi prank now? I feel a bit more serious about that now. Sorry Ozzz
  11. Thanks Ozzzz, nice to meet you too 👍 I hope you are all well down under? If he likes you / you get on etc. Then you are immune. Doesn't like you / fallout etc... Watch out for the bus.
  12. The funnies have it. Do you want me to call you a cab? I'll borrow mum's dog n bone 📞👍😂😂😂 I thought Aussies had a sense of humour. Not even bothering to comment on today's words from TM he should have gotten in the cab......
  13. One aspect within this lock down scenario, is that we are not there to voice our displeasure. No chants of TM out will be heard within Ewood and so the pressure upon Mowbray is lesser. Since we cannot do that I have been wondering if we could not voice our concerns in a different manner? I have always liked the 'taxi' analogy, so perhaps we could order TM one? Each that is, either all at one time IE 100 taxis (paid for by us) turn up at Ewood for TM. Perhaps they could be spread out across a day? One every 15 or so mins? I think that would be quite humourus 😂👍
  14. Barnsley are doing very well at the moment, my head says we will have a hard night to get all 3bpoints and I am not sure our players are up to it, on present form. I hope he is under pressure, he should be, both from within the club and India. He is failing by his own standards and does not appear capable enough to turn matters around. We will see.
  15. So we were just 'packing' for 3 years? My god how long will the journey take? Is my lifetime long enough? Let me know TM.
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