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  1. So fans shouldn't voice their opinion and should just sit there and watch the team go down?
  2. That's a very very high salary for an assistant in league 2, especially given Salford get average gate's of 3000.
  3. Why is it warped? He had the opportunities to keep us up and if not hired to achieve that, then why was he hired? To take us down?
  4. It's been nothing but sinister since day one. Jerome, record contract pay-offs, etc etc. Bail now before it comes to fruition and they are exposed. They have raped our club of almost everything it ever was and we even owe them money for the pleasure of it all. I hope reform comes to football, it is sorely needed.
  5. Did he really say that? More likely TM and co. are just poor coaches, who struggle to get the message across. Playing in a three is hardly rocket science and having endured listening to TM communicate over the last several years, I can imagine his directions within sessions are nothing short of confusing.
  6. Trouble is he survived 2 wins in 17, I will hazard a guess he will be here until it's too late to save us. If they do sack him, they'll appoint yet another 🐒 and we'll be starring down the barrel of another relegation and this time we may not return.
  7. TMs blue and white army was sung in the Leeds match, indicating some fans may still support him. Very worrying.
  8. Yes you can, you just have to change the goals. For example, TM aims to be the most contradictory manager in football. And at that he is a clear winner 👍
  9. We haven't been forward thinking in 11 years and won't be till the shisters depart and the shenanigans end. Same as it ever was, einsteins definition applies, doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. Madness. I hope there are 3 worse teams than us this season as once AA leaves we will struggle. BB could depart too 12 months left, high stock and no new contract in sight. We desperately need captain mannering.
  10. Even the boro boys are walking away from TM. What are the odds we start the with no more signings?
  11. Isn't it amazing what a couple of months away from TM and his coaching can do to a player?
  12. No, I wouldn't thank them, nor accept their offerings. I would slap them in the face, grab their hair slam their face into my knee, push them over and then jump on their man parts until they were crushed. Once finished I'd whisper in their ear 'how do you like snowballs now'.
  13. I have no issue with adverts, they are a necessary evil. How do you generate funds from them?
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