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  1. LOL, someone will sign him, play him there and he'll turn into Cristiano Ronaldo, with TM proclaiming he 'developed' him with his 'coaching' skills.
  2. No way Bannan fits the mold for our possession based game. He's creative, passes forward and takes risks, he doesn't fit what we need, sideways only, backwards at times steady eddies who keep possession and don't take risks. If our stats drop the XG league ranking will mean nothing, keep ball players only for us this summer.
  3. For me it's the way they must seriously think we are all thick as pig shit. Did they think we wouldn't find out about Coventry etc etc, do they honestly believe 'fans' cannot remember what they said last week? It just goes on and on and that's the biggest insult of all. All it displays is how the fans are truly seen within the halls of Ewood these days, mindless idiots who will believe anything we are told.
  4. Tony Senior was it? haha, I played swing ball with De Niro. Kenny Senior, cracking character.
  5. He reminds of a bloke in the pub, you can trust me mate, I'm honest blah blah 🍻
  6. Lets hope the rumours ring true, I cannot take another season of his "words", nor his constantly changing "reasons". It would be nice just once to have a manager under Venkys who actually came across and appeared to know what he was doing football-wise.
  7. If he is also linked to teesside, then he sounds just a TM signing, crap, sicknote and a North Easterner, happy days.
  8. Oh well as annoying as it is, I am resigned to Tony Mowbray being in situ next season. On the plus side if he stays at least I can hurl abuse at him as he clearly doesn't like criticism. And if that fails I will hurl eggs, at least then the yolks on him and a bit less on us. I cannot believe he has not been sacked.
  9. Nothing to do with letting another of our academy graduates leave for peanuts ala Raya? Remember the exact same argument was used when he left and now he is on to bigger and better things. He got better coaching away from rovers and has been linked to several big clubs. Our manager and coaches are sub standard clearly and I'm sure just like Raya, nyambe will do better once he gets quality guidance. Our academy should not be about investing years and money into players just to let them leave for free, with us getting well below market value, again ala Raya. He's not the best, but with one flank
  10. Surely in a 442 it would be gally left mid and bucko and bb up top?
  11. i can see the parallels, both are sour faced, miserable looking twats.
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