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  1. Aye but it's a journey you'll never stop telling your grandkids about 👍😉
  2. Pleasing to see the pre-contract agreement, as it strengthens our financial position. Needs to develop his physicality but has a great frame to build upon. It is important we ensure that as many of our academy graduates, that show good potential are tied down quickly.
  3. TMs track record at judging players fitness is awful, he excels at getting it wrong and causing injury. He could judge a gurnning competition, but not player's physical condition.
  4. That whole article was an episode in bigging up TM, not concerned about his contract, if I'm here in 5 years time, I'm an honest man etc. Ash does not effect me, he is 16, always planning long term blah blah. Every opportunity they can take, they will.
  5. Can you ask him if he knows his surname rythmns with maggot?
  6. I checked the score for this one on the BBC and it came back with 2-1 us. Game over. But no we go on to draw, I'm still in shock 😱
  7. 10k a week is much better than jobseekers 😅👍 Or living on sausages. I'd want to know if I were in the current situation, he could be a good one if fit and focused. We need another since TM can't move BB up top nor play Butterworth there, not many of the names available have his pedigree.
  8. What about Sturridge? I'd have him in on trial for sure.
  9. We both know any top academy can offer far more than us and if they think he's good enough, will discuss routes to the 1st team for him. We cannot compete financially, 10k a week is a pittance to them too and they will pay it, if they think he is good enough. 500k a year is apparently our 1st team max, he could be a millionaire by 20 or playing with us for buttons in comparison. Training alongside van Dyke (or some other clubs elite) or Ayala/Lenihan? Football is about much more then heart these days and money etc talks. Consider what 1.5m could do for his family too. Whilst it would be great to bring through a great kid, it wouldn't be difficult to see the benefits of a move. Tribunal fees aren't very high in reality compared to a signed player. Anyway can you not agree a pre-contract before 17? We'll see what happens.
  10. Seriously every man and his dog knows what TM excels at, chatting bollocks.
  11. Cause Liverpool come along and offer you 10k a week and a route to their first team, with loans back to the championship to gain experience prior.
  12. Bingo, the man just makes it up as he goes along.
  13. Yes it is a great song, but thanks to his stellar performance against United that day we won the league 👍
  14. Since the discussion is concerning pages, I'm going with the launch of BRFCS's own page 3 lol.
  15. I have highlighted this point before, when you listen to TM talk, he just talks gibberish. If the latest LT article contains direct quotes, then I can understand why players would not be interested in coming here. He just doesn't make sense and training etc with him giving the instructions must be so confusing.
  16. I reckon you could bag a hat trick against Bulgaria 😉
  17. I said he wasn't very good at it. Perhaps so, but if TM is leaving then where does that leave him? I can see the benefits of him staying, but equally I can see the potential benefits of leaving too. There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Rovers these days, which may mean he departs.
  18. Trouble is TM hasn't exactly shown himself to be a great developer of youngsters. Ash will have seen/spoken to them and may well see his future elsewhere. We're also a club clearly in disarray and that cannot be appealing to a young player looking to progress to the next stage of his career. I would like to see him sign, he looks quite the player but I wouldn't blame him for looking elsewhere.
  19. It's a dangerous situation for our club to be in. You never know how people will react to it, he may feel shafted, he could feel hard-done by, and who knows how that will transpire. We're always walking a tightrope with the Vs running our club and it never seems to end well for us. Ridiculous situation of our own making, if he is no longer wanted, sack him.
  20. Perhaps TM tried to crack a welcoming smile and Maja went straight back home.
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