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  1. How many did we have that season? Kean, bowyer, Berg, Appleton, Black.
  2. Read the Coventry boards, they are taking the piss out of Mowbray. Going over how familiar his demise here sounds, to what he did with them. Some taking the piss and picking up on a comment he made of “Coventry surprised me by playing 5 at the back, i didn’t expect us to have to be trying to break that 5 at the back down” to which their lot said “we do that literally every week, does Tony not have scouts, that’s embarrassing”.
  3. Myers didn’t know what was going on when he was at the club, so I doubt he’d know feck all now. Christ he’s a sky sports reporter and ended up with a high profile job at a championship club, sums up venkys.
  4. Are they? I’m Darren and most people I know in Darren call them t-cakes lol.
  5. Scary thing is, if it wasn’t for sheff weds points deduction, we’d be just 6 points off the bottom 3z
  6. If any of them bottom 3 go on some kind of run then we are seriously going to be in a relegation battle.
  7. Well, I won’t step foot inside ewood again whilst them two are there. Granted I don’t go much anyway these days, was a ST holder, but haven’t been since venkys where here. I was contemplating coming back before covid, but now, no thanks.
  8. Didn’t think players would be reluctant to sign new deals, especially with all the players being onboard this journey that Mowbray has them on.
  9. The cricket will be over by 2pm by the looks of it.
  10. Fair point mate, don’t know what else to say if I’m honest. Normal club would do that, or just go for the big name now, but here, feck knows, I’m just tired of it all to be honest, I’m at an all time low with the club now, think that’s because I got my hopes up that we where back to being a proper club, and then boom, we aren’t.
  11. I couldn’t take another ex dingle bastard, sorry but I just couldn’t. just give it to Johnson until end of season and look at it again then, that’s all it will take to keep us up, and then we can look for a proper manager in the summer.
  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂now we all know you’re taking the piss, within what you mention, there are handy signings, there are okay signings, that’s it. Dack may be the sole one that you could put as great (in the lower league football sense). ill raise you that with, Ayala, harwood, branthwaite, Palmer, trybull, Walton, the boro keeper weve signed, nuttal, hart, caddis, bell, Douglas, whittingham, Payne, gladwin, leitwiller, Rodwell, Samuel, Gallagher and a few many more
  13. Name them then. And make sure you can back up the “great”
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