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  1. The new kit sponsor is Macron 100%, I know someone (not very well mind, but I know him) works at the club, it is 100% macron. Additionally the owners have sanctioned £45k to be spent on the pitch, and that is it, they don't want to spend anymore, so expect a pretty sub-standard pitch. No, I am not claiming to be an ITK, they are just 2 things I know to be correct in regards to the club.
  2. Hmmm, he didn’t exactly go on to make a career, granted he had something. As we both agree though, Ince, awful management.
  3. Along with, Grella, Blackman, Fowler and Keith Andrew’s, what a manager he was, but let’s pretend we were racist towards him and he was a great manager, yawn.
  4. All very predictable and mowbray(ish). Said it other week, watch them put a run together now, finish near to 60 points and it’s business as usual for Tony and the Indians, piss take.
  5. Hes a dickhead, did a shite job here, but to be fair hes a fucking sky sport reporter, so how the hell the knobhead got a job here who knows, sums up this shit tip of a club.
  6. Seems like English football has conveniently forgot about how the premiership was happy to let the football league rot during he pandemic? suppose that doesn’t suit the current narrative this week.
  7. It is for him PERSONALLY, if he gets an end of season run together he can milk it as a “successful end to the season”
  8. There’s plenty more things out there to do, I wouldn’t get so hung up on them, none of the players, management or owners give a shit about you. The club isn’t what it was, I wouldn’t bother yourself with it, but of course, it’s up to you.
  9. He came in the first place, so must be a little bit stupid.
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