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  1. That and it’s not how a house builder works out a ROCE. I know as I’ve commercially managed large scale housing schemes in the past for developers.
  2. Yep and a substantial amount of fans every time praise them and every step
  3. You guys in the Ribble need a Jackie weaver moment and get into the online parish council meetings for when this is discussed.
  4. Can’t or won’t. Why submit them now if it’s not what people want it would encourage people to get involved with the rubble parish council and planners to reject it.
  5. Why do you think there is no digital imprints. It’s because it’s not and ever going to happen
  6. Who’s the developer is it Persimmon? They’d do there own site layouts in house if so, there own houses types are standardised so the only time they’d get externals in is for temp works, structural works, topos etc Last time I dealt professionally they didn’t have archs based in Milton Keynes. They tendered usually to sutcliffes, TWA etc
  7. Interesting the last slide in the pdf, an imprint of all the housing units. From experience I’d say the housing developer has already got a budget sorted and a land deal provisionally agreed
  8. We can’t afford to wash Ewood or de weed around it, staff have been on furlough, club shop and facilities closed during covid but yet we are suddenly going to end up with better facilities than we have now 🤦🏼‍♂️ Almost like the last ten years people have learnt nothing.
  9. I totally agree with you pal. I thought they were happy to keep financially supporting. I reckon we sent a false budget to Pune in the summer which is now incredibly looking short and venkys have said cut the costs then and this is dodos plan. Im reading the comments on Nickos tweet now, how can anyone be this stupid after the last ten years?
  10. They can write it on a laptop and give each one a teams call to check it over. Not sure location has any bearing
  11. Steve Waggott is an ex football agent and a very poorly rated director without any business qualifications for to be director. Infact he’s a failed teacher. Should be nowhere near the club
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