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  1. Signing a player without a pre season and after the season started was more of an issue. Only a plonker does this every year. Look at the Holtby signing the year before. The approach never works.
  2. Needs a loan this month, dreadful like most today. Its cruel and demoralising playing him atm, could backfire on the lad.
  3. Brant Waite is a clear red and penalty, we robbed Middlesbrough we were crap today. Another star non performance and yet the players like Bennett revel in it online. Something needs changing at this club we are prolonging long term damage.
  4. Red all day long you just can’t do it in today’s game, guy had to be subbed.
  5. Middlesbrough must have thought he was offside to stop running back like that. So Crap.
  6. He must be thinking what the fuck is this team. What a keeper
  7. Saville a right in your face player love it how we miss one of those
  8. Mate I’ve said this for weeks no one is playing we looked disheveled walking on the pitch. They looked better and together under coyle for Christ sake. Get him out tonight
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