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  1. If Mowbray breaks the record, we'll be relegated.
  2. I wouldn't have thought that the land is worth that much now. If they now can't build houses on it, what other use is there for it?
  3. The time and place for pretending to play tika taka is not here and now. We need points and we need them quickly. The man is a fool.
  4. Mowbray has admitted there that he did no due dilligence on Ayala before signing him. Unbelievable.
  5. I would think that once the planning application is made formally and the process kicks off properly, people will be able to raise objections. For the proposed housing development in Whittle-le-Woods, this is exactly what's happened. People from neighbouring villages (myself for eg being based in Wheelton) have been able to object through Chorley BC's web site.
  6. It's not like he could say anything differently in a public environment though, is it?
  7. The situation with Dack could/should give more opportunity for Rothwell, at least for the remainder of the season. He's just not consistent IMO; he goes missing far too often and flatters with a wonder goal once or twice a season.
  8. I wonder whether the events of the evening might just push Mowbray into calling it a day. Not just the fact that we lost yet again, but also the emotional effect on him due to what's happened to Dack.
  9. Nyambe is the better defender in the truest sense. JRC is a more rounded footballer.
  10. Hats off for responding but not rising. The level of of personal abuse on this site is sometimes disgusting.
  11. Our 99 problems are the reason for tonight. And one man is responsible for those 99 problems.
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