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  1. Less time for them to get scrutinised and resulting fine/points deduction/embargo issued before the season starts, perhaps?
  2. If there was nothing awry, you'd think they'd just get the accounts submitted, job done. Unless of course.....
  3. Not always the case I agree, but there are countless examples of teams continuing good/bad end of season runs into the next. In our case, the same management/tactics/players will likely result in the same outcome as the last third of last season.
  4. Under the present management and considering form over the last 20 or so games, 2 points max looking at that list I reckon. Eek.
  5. Nope. £439 was the price last season, and therefore this. At least they got it right on the FAQs page though. I stand corrected. It was £459. The FAQ for this year shows it as £439 though.
  6. They can't even get the price listed correctly on the website for my ST. The quoted ST price for JW Upper Outer Adult is down as £459. It should actually be £439. https://www.rovers.co.uk/news/2021/june/Rovers-welcome-you-Back-To-Live-/ FFS
  7. Bennett has been a waste of a squad place for at least 2 seasons. No loss whatsoever....unless fist pumping is your thing.
  8. Waggot and his commercial and marketing teams are a disgrace. On the back of months of no live football, they should be doing all they can to generate interest around season tickets and the comng season. All we have is radio silence, not a peep. Any modern, consumer-centric business would be all over us with marketing, trying to get us to spend our money. The whole model to season ticket renewals is so outdated. We live in a world of subscriptions - Netflix, Prime etc. - and people quickly get used to monthly payments for services. I don't see why they can't come out with a similar m
  9. Doing the maths on this... I'm one of the 2500 who bought a season ticket, £459 JW Upper That's £19.96 per game After 'paying' £10 for each game on iFollow (£230), Waggot owes me a discount of £229 (£9.96 x 23) off next season's ticket. Even if prices do go up, surely even he can't rip me off that much. Or could he? 🤔
  10. I think Waggot intentionally leaves it as late as possible so he can firstly look at what other clubs have done, and based on that then decides what he can then get away with/fleece us by.
  11. Oh for the days of Don Mackay teams back in the old division 2. Those seasons were anything but boring.
  12. Fair play @gumboots A CEO worth his salt would be doing all he could to tempt supporters such as yourself, even if the football wasn't up to scratch. But alas...
  13. Due to the complete mismanagement of contracts, it was always on the cards that one or two of Evans/Bennett/Downing/Johnson would be offered a new contract. To replace all of them in one window would be a big enough job for a competent manager. For an incompetent one, all the more so.
  14. Some people talk shite. To be fair to the two gentlemen in question here though, they come across as being fairly considered in their general postings, so I think it's a tad unfair to label what they've reported here as 'shite'.
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