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  1. this is actually the first time seeing this. Did not expect that there is an issue like. Sorry but is this issue already fixed? Havent been really updated.
  2. It is amusing to know that there people who are not afraid of the coronavirus. Well, considering the situation right now, people are not that scared of it anymore. Haven't you heard that there is a new covid strain circling around? Hope that there won't be another wave that we have to face. It will be difficult once it goes out of hand. ALso heard a lot of news that there is a number of vaccines released. However, still do not know if it will be made available for sale. I think it will cause commotion tho.
  3. I've seen beautiful tattoos or very clever ways of putting prints on the body. I don't have one and I don't plan on getting one "I don't like having commitment with a body ink" I am actually very supportive of tattoos. I do believe that we can judge a book by its cover. I see a very tasteful use of body ink then my initial impression is that this person has good taste in aesthetics. that's it!
  4. Not much events near me. Been listening on nothing more than podcasts and I'm starting to get bored.
  5. I miss the culture. I miss the energy of the stadium. I miss so many things. Watching from the couch just isn't the same.
  6. I understand how many of us are becoming more cynical now. I, too, cannot think of anything else other than complain because they keep making bad decisions. then again, there are some good highlights. What part of today makes you keep your hopes up?
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