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  1. With the pitch could go either way. That being 3-0 Swansea or 2-1 Rovers. I don't see us sticking with 4-3-3 until the pitch is sorted so I assume TM will go 4-2-3-1. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Trybull Holtby Gallagher Buckley Brereton Armstrong This is what I think TM will go. Not what I believe we should go. He will play more direct up to the big boys. Buckley looked good for the 15 mins when he was on in attacking mid so I believe will get a start. I would go Trybull
  2. I agree mistakes have been made, specifically the amount the money we paid for Breo and Gallagher. I'm not saying either has made up for their price tag for scoring a couple of goals, it hasn't been good enough. With Breo though, he's still 21. We will get our moneys worth in the next couple of seasons, we've seen a good improvement already and still plenty of work to do. TM has failed to bring in a leader. Money that we have spent has been on players for the future. Maybe money could have been spent on a leader rather than young lads who we have to wait a couple of seasons for in order f
  3. Nyambe should play more and be at right back every week IMO, I think he misses games due to injury or being away with Namibia more than TM leaving him out. Travis was a certain starter every week before his injury, he will back in the side fully fit every game before the end of the season. Davenports time will come, this issue is that we've gone from playing 5 in the middle to 3 in the middle, so it has become harder to fit midfielders into the side. Armstrong can have eyes elsewhere but we all know his relationship with Mowbray and will leave in the summer if we have a new manager. Lenihan ha
  4. Obviously it's more to do with how many points we finish off the playoffs. I believe if we're very close, players will be more likely to stay.
  5. Maybe I have. I understand everyone's point of view. Some bad decisions have been made, but the amount of loan players we bring in is down to us not being able to bring in transfers due to lack of funds. We've tried over the last 4 years to bring players in but have been priced out and have had to resort to bringing in loans. Most recently with Pickering and Kipre, in the past we tried to sign the likes of Mcgin. We've had to settle for Ayala and Douglas. I believe Downing was signed with the thought of a lack of leaders and to add experience to a very young dressing room after the loss of Gra
  6. I am baffled beyond belief regarding the amount of people on here calling for Mowbray Out. Can’t people see what he is doing for this club? Everything he does is because he’s thinking long-term. Maybe, I believe too much of what he says. But, I am excited for the prospect of a fully fit team playing together our old attacking flowing football. At the moment, yes, the defence is on its arse. Yes, Ayala is a useless donkey on a silly contract and can only get through 70 mins a game. Yes, we STILL haven’t found a suitable left back but we’re trying to fix it. We’ve been hampered by inj
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