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  1. Hope you're right and he takes his lapdog (sorry, boss) with him to pastures new - a division or two down from this one.
  2. Thanks for the video. From his demeanour (which is never easy with the old goat), he seems like a man ready to be off. It's the hope that kills us .(Been said for two years now by the fan base.)
  3. 12. Obviously a Claret in disguise. Not. What a disappointment today. Need the schools to go back to not have to think about what the V's have given up on long ago. What a crisis
  4. Thanks. Used to balls-ups. What teachers are all about Just wanted a dig at Mowbray - public enemy number God knows. How many are there? You take care. Are you a fellow Darrener by any chance ?
  5. Thought that immediately. My Dad went with dementia. My Mum had a nervous breakdown. Sorry about what I wrote. No excuse. Don't need to be divided at this point.
  6. Sorry if it was poor taste in all your opinions. I'll keep my mouth shut as you people dictate the website
  7. Or Alzheimers (trying to cover my arse). More transparent than the Coventrio (like that phrase -kudos to the supporter who thought that up). We will return from the ashes. In what form I do not know. Blackburn Phoenixes?
  8. Maybe the V's should bring in a shrink. All that heading might have led to dementia. He's obviously a deluded fool. Maybe Maggott is manipulating him. Doubt it though. Seems on the ball with the grand scheme of deception
  9. Good day for a crucifixion ala Monty Python. The club is run like that. And on the festive theme - take your two Judases with you to try and find your silver somewhere else. Just piss off you 3 stooges
  10. I'd take a chance on anyone after this boring dinosaur bar Coyle. Pity we missed out of some good ones and the chicken chokers don't get rid of him and his mate Maggot until we stay up by the skin of our teeth at the end of the season. Thank you Vs. I say that every season
  11. Don't worry boys and girls. Honourable Tony will stick with us till we're in the 4th division. Seem to be regressing at an alarming rate. Not the first time under this idiot in charge
  12. Blimey. Didn't even care they were playing. No interest anymore. The guy has to walk and take his cronies with him. What a mess the Venkies have made of a previously well run club
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