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  1. Venkys. Couldn't find a chicken on a farm if it came at you screaming
  2. Danny Murphy on BBC. Had to turn it off. Hate the c--t
  3. Has he gone? Can I return? Sad. Isn't it?
  4. A richness of talent but unfortunatelly a poor choker of a manager. Good pick for an England manager past Mercer (caretaker, I think)
  5. They definitely like the London clubs at this level. Even the commentators are biassed. Let's hope Brentford don't win and Toney goes to the Premiership to get found out by a few competent refs (John Moss excepted -terrible ref)
  6. Or a Speedie. Never in this comfort zone. Interesting when the fans come back. Brentford are really vocal. We'll probably fight with each other like the old days of snakehead and crybaby
  7. Or Bryan Douglas (before someone as old as me gets there first)
  8. King was also mistreated at Ewood. Just think what would have happened to Duff under these 10 years of ignorance?
  9. Nothing wrong with his language. I encourage vernacular these days. Too liberal I suppose.
  10. Bloody hell Ulrich. I'm a teacher and steal eggs all the time. Those hens get upset though
  11. Who needs a Rothwell bombing from midfield when you can have an Evans or Johnson pussyfooting in midfield playing the Mowbrayed way. Do one Tony, you arrogant twit (misspelt)
  12. Big news from Ewood. Tony shits in the dark. LET all over it. Sorry boys and girls. Watched them since 63. Never been so deflated. At least with Keano there was a chance to get rid. Tony et al will only leave with the treasures and relegation. Hope Reg and the other plants in the LET are happy. Preferred the third division days in the 70s to this bull
  13. Got bollocked and supported for saying Slowbrain Mowbray was the new messiah to take us to the third division again. At least the despicable Scottish one did a runner when pushed. Mowbray is either too old or too smart for this game. Let's see what happens when the left (recovering) fans and the post-acne kids return to our hallowed ground. Just like Keano days but lower numbers. Take me out. Live 200 miles away and counting. Good luck. Am a Darrener
  14. Tony is worse than Kean. Miserable liar. Will lose more fans than the villainous one.
  15. If you guys up there in Lancs can give him crap, then the pussy and his henchmen will leave. Sorry I don't live there (not really). Will not bother with football for the time being cos of our useless, unforgivable owners
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