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  1. Any dissent from the crowd about terrible Tony's tactics (plus the fact the idiot is still in a job here)?
  2. In troublè this year unless BB steps up. Gallager is a donkey. Just wish the manager would pee off
  3. Why doesn't the old boring twit just bugger off and take his friends with him? Then I might follow the fixture list. Didn't realise till I went on here for the first time this week that we lost at home to the mighty Morecambe. Shame on the club
  4. Glad to know super Tone still knows his formations. Don't sell the training grounds Venkys, get the management team to watch them train
  5. My first Rovers game was a 4-1 win against Wolves . Second was a 5-0 win against the Villa when the Four Pennies played. Showing my age lol
  6. I'm watching the cricket. Lost interest with all these clots in charge. Hope they win though for the few thousand left
  7. Takes a lot from an arrogant V to talk to the fans. Don't get your hopes up. Rich Vankers (daren't mention their nationality for PC reasons these days) will lie their way out of any trouble
  8. I had my second Oxford jab, managed six days back at work till sent home by the boss. It affects people in mysterious ways. I'm never off. Fortunately I have school holidays now
  9. My experience is my wife went off with my best friend when I had chicken pox 18 years ago. We all recover eventually. I have a lovely girl now called Tina. Hence the new account name
  10. Sack the lot of them and start again otherwise we are going down this season and after that I lose interest after 58 years. Take care girls and boys
  11. Not allowed to post on the Tony Slowbrain discussion. Conspiracy theory? He's an awful manager and I'm getting old and losing interest in football but I'm at an all time low with the Rovers. Thank you Venkys
  12. I've been off the website for a month. Can't believe the tossers are still there. At least I'll see my little bro at MK Dons in a year or so
  13. I watched the Waes game. Bit of a mess. The ref was appaling. Must be English, Spanish or Romanian. Didn't have a clue. Took advice from someone on here and muted the next game.Can,'t listen to Mr Murphy
  14. Venkys. Couldn't find a chicken on a farm if it came at you screaming
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