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  1. Don't worry, the final sign-off paper is almost at the top of Barry's inbox.
  2. A shame that it's not just a handful of England fans that seem to think celebrating our progress at this tournament involves climbing on things, trying to pull things over, smashing things up, abusing the police and other members of the public... They are nothing but vandals, criminals, and an embarrassment. Thick could be another description. The majority of them probably don't even understand the treasure of getting this far in a tournament after so many years of failure, and yet behave like Neanderthals at the first opportunity. I will never understand what brings some to do this, but it's not really surprising. Still, can't wait for the final! Come on England!
  3. Italy have been brilliant in my opinion. They deserve to be in the final. Smart team. One step at a time for England. Denmark, my surprise package for the tournament (BRFCS passim), are no pushovers. We should do it, but I'm not even thinking of us in the final just yet. Let's sort out Denmark first and foremost.
  4. Yes. Just when things are starting to happen for him and his confidence seems to be rising, it would be a kick in the balls to have gone through what we have with him for three years only for him to leave and be ready-made for another club. That's if he progresses, but I think he will kick on from here. I wonder if we now need to pay fees to Forest now that Ben has been capped.
  5. In a few years it'll be one for Messi's family album.
  6. It was amusing to see the Sweaties wait 23 years for that. I expected better from Scotland because they have a few good players, i.e. McTominay, McGinn, and Robertson. Tie that in with home advantage, and a Czech Republic side that is probably their weakest in my lifetime, and I thought Scotland would come away with something. Scotland were unlucky with a couple of deflections and the woodwork, but they were otherwise dreadful. The occasion definitely got the better of them. The so-called Scottish spirit and determination was nowhere to be seen at any point in the match. Just some delirium from their supporters in the build-up. Czech Republic didn't even break sweat. Top of the group. Good day for them. They'll be a decent test for England and Croatia.
  7. I contacted Nigel Evans a few months ago regarding Brockhall. I received no response at all. No need to big up MPs just because they are Tories, nor belittle MPs just because they are Labour. It's obvious what you are doing, but that belongs on the other side of this message board, and the above just proves that MPs from any party can be as careful or careless as each other.
  8. Croatia are still a dangerous side with some world class players. Modrić. Rebić. Perišić. Brozović. We've got a few of our own, of course, but I think it's an even match-up on paper. Wembley should give us the edge. Come on England!
  9. It really is. Makes you stop and think about things. A small bonus is that he's in a hospital on home soil. It might seem a little bit strange, but after something like this, I suspect all he wants to do is have some home comforts and feelings.
  10. Truly relieving. Really, honestly, relieving. He should go and be with his family. Fantastic work by the medical team. Heroes, all of them. He might not be 100% out of the woods, but this initial news is just fantastic.
  11. I think all stations worldwide use the same live footage provided by UEFA, but they can obviously cut the broadcast. Mine cut in with some nostalgic Euro goals a few minutes before the players all walked off. I don't pray, but I'm willing him to recover. Pull through it, Christian.
  12. Sorry, which physical Jason Lowe do you speak of? I agree that he spoiled football games.
  13. @jim mk2 is spot on with his assessment. It was a powerful message at first, but it's now just a standard event that lets you know it's nearly kick-off time. The message has been completely diluted, and I can understand why people are now irritated with it. The battle has to be fought elsewhere because this is doing nothing and, in fact, probably causing division - undoing its original intention of uniting.
  14. Helmsman. He's light years ahead of what we have. It was an impulse buy.
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