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  1. Yes but it's alright when the clean and squeaky UEFA, FIFA or national FA do it, Jim! It's all official! There will be no surprises if the aforementioned footballing authorities negotiate a financial package with the ESL. The key word being "financial". Anything else goes by the wayside.
  2. A Labour bloke sticking by his morals. Good on him. There are surely issues in all parties. Where are the Tory politicians that resign for similarly noble purposes? That's right! Nowhere.
  3. Any idea how much he's being paid? Derby is a curious case. Their stadium "sale" seems to be affording them a bit of spends that they seem to be well and truly pissing up the wall. At least with Lampard they might have profited from compensation, but Cocu wouldn't have come cheap, nor would paying him off, and I doubt Rooney is on a mediocre wage. I've got nothing against Derby in general, but somehow I want them to go down and see what happens.
  4. Our status as a Championship club next season is settled. I'm delighted that we've more or less sorted it without getting into squeaky bum territory (which Derby are well and truly in, now). Nothing else changes, though. We were total garbage in the first half. The muted celebrations from the players after Gally's equaliser tells you how disappointing things are. Harwood-Bellis put on a good individual display, but the defence at large is total crap. We're asleep and not reading the same script for the most part. Kaminski won us the game with some heroics. Armstrong should be nowhere
  5. We'll know more when supporters return to Ewood. He'll get both barrels if things quickly continue on the same path, i.e. poor results and petulant comments to the media. The only thing that will prevent any of that is action, i.e. consistently good results, but I won't hold my breath. If it goes as anticipated and he leaves knowing that he outstayed his welcome, I doubt he'll ever return to do the half-time tombola (he only does the pre-match tombola), so spare your precious time and don't contemplate it. 🙂
  6. I suspect things will catch up with Burnley next season. They're relying on a terrible bottom three this season.
  7. Could I be considered a reliable ITKer if I told you that we'll lose by a single goal today, and Anthony will still be our manager for the next game?
  8. Given that Ben Brereton cost £7m and is incapable of a basic shoot, £24K is a fucking bargain.
  9. Is this the German coach we've all been clamouring for? Does he come as a package with Runyer Balaksov?
  10. Sorry Tyrone, but he's got you there. You obviously have a soft spot for Dale. Nowt wrong with that, but I'm not sure saying that their defenders are brutes (correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you said something along those lines in the last couple of years) or a 1 in 12 striker at a league level or two below us washes with me.
  11. Mickasaurus vs. Tacticssopredictabledoyouthinkanyofoursupporterswillhavesaurus?
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