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  1. Not that I noticed it but I've seen a couple of comments on here suggesting that he was knackered by the 80th minute. Even if that wasn't the case I can't imagine Mowbray starting him in a million years.
  2. Khedra reminded me a bit if Chapman when he first came to Rovers. Confident and direct. Full of pace and tricks. What could have been? I can't help but feel 'Boro and now us have let him go down to the lower leagues for a reason, though.
  3. Disagree with your entire opinion of Buckley because he'll be a good 'un for us in time, but Clarkson has been eaten for breakfast on the two occasions I've seen him (tonight and against 'Boro, missed him against West Brom). It's puzzling that Mowbray constantly downtalked the likes of Wharton until not too long ago by saying it's a game for "real men" and then he plays Clarkson in defensive midfield. What is that all about? Playing undeveloped loan players to avoid financial penalties whilst neglecting our own stock, perhaps? I'm convinced that Mowbray is the main driver of downgrading our training facilities and academy. Something is not right there, especially when he plays dumb over it. Any other manager would surely be furious over something like that.
  4. I'm not there in person but I'm told there were boos after the Luton game and boos at half time tonight, and we weren't losing on either occasion. Those two moments in games coincide with grabbing another beer from the fridge so I'm never there to hear it. As a former Riversider (rug-and-flasker), I also do this a minute before the whistle in case there's a queue at the fridge.
  5. Not sure about this feel food factor, even if modest, because I feel like we've papered over the cracks and nothing more. It feels inevitable that the supporters within Ewood will turn on Mowbray at the earliest opportunity and that will certainly come sooner rather than later. Might sound odd for me to state this after a home win and a clean sheet, but I think Mowbray is out of ideas, out of players, and out of time (two of those three have arguably been there for at least a season or two). The only question is not when but if Venkys pull the trigger. It feels like a ticking time bomb that should have detonated years ago but one that's got stuck.
  6. What surprises me is that Ayala for me was possibly third in line for MotM. He scored a goal and marshalled the defence well. I didn't notice Lenihan at all. Not that I'm anti-Lenihan at all - he's a good product of our academy, but I'm just bemused. I suspect this has something to do with Saturday's events. He was way down on my list of candidates that stood out tonight.
  7. I'm guessing you got something other than A* at school for maths. 😉
  8. The two subs turned this game. Credit for that. Still, we were absolute garbage until that point. Rothwell and Dolan were the two shining lights throughout, and Ayala was rock solid, but other than that, the belief in the rest wasn't there at all. Bizarrely the subs spurned the entire team into action. Why does it take that course of action for that to happen? Is it just normal human nature? Or am I missing something? On paper, we should have pasted this lot before we sprang into action. Strange feeling...
  9. How must Joe Rothwell feel when MotM goes to Darragh Lenihan? Even the commentators sounded a bit surprised.
  10. I pay for an overseas season pass. It costs £170, having previously been £140 and £110. This season it works out at ~£3.70 per game. In its maiden season I believe it was ~£2.40 per game. To me, any of those figures represent excellent value to watch Rovers hassle free from afar. I had a few browser glitches in the maiden season, but other than that, I largely have nothing to complain about. If you are struggling to watch from a certain country, there are ways to circumvent that.
  11. Gallagher has been playing down the middle, as most ask for. He's shown today that he doesn't have the brain of a lone striker to hold up the ball, play it through to on-runners, or finish simple chances. I really think he's the main culprit for us not bagging three points here. Dolan and Pickering were superb. But this feels like a defeat.
  12. I'm receiving an "Unauthorized country" error message when trying to tune in. I checked the EFL's page of games that aren't screened internationally, and this one isn't on that list. Anybody else having that issue? I got a response from RoversTV. It's only available to watch in "dark countries".
  13. Did I misread Sharpe saying that Swansea were only paying £1.5m-£2m for Obafemi? I thought the figure that we agreed with Southampton was ~£6m.
  14. If Burke is a loan deal, maybe a permanent deal for a striker could still be on the cards. Didn't we sign Diaz at the eleventh hour this time a few years ago? Strap yourselves in boys and girls! 😎
  15. Emotional rollercoaster. 1. Ollie McBurnie. OK, sounds good to me! 2. On loan. Bah, do we really have no money to spend after selling Arma? 3. It's Oli Burke. 🤔 Only another hour to go.
  16. For the past five minutes I've been thinking this was Ollie McBurnie.
  17. Interesting that he said that the Sam Morsy sending off was a straight red all day long. I didn't see Morsy protest too much so it must have been worse close up than it looked. I'm curious about the "Mogloire is pony" comments. Is he? He was good and gave our defence extra leverage. Something had to change, and something tells me that this unglamorous substitution salvaged a point for us. Well done Rovers. A respectable point and I can enjoy the rest of the evening. 🍻
  18. We've got to be happier with a point than 'Boro. They probably edged it but we got down into Warnock's mud and fought.
  19. Another Morsy foul over the top. He is simply dirty, yet he'll be out for three games (?) when he puts players out for months and even years. Cheerio.
  20. Sam Morsy. I hate him. Started off the Dack ligament injuries. Took out Rothwell today. Pushing Clarkson's head around. Why aren't our RoversTV commentators making more about it instead of saying the dirty bastard's high foot on Rothwell was unintentional? The sly bugger knows exactly what he is doing.
  21. Sublime strike from Gally for our goal. Possible goal of the season right there. Poveda was excellent in the first 15 minutes - a real menace with class - but went missing since then. Pickering got done once early on but has otherwise done the defensive basics exactly right. He's making the step up in my book. Ayala has been a rock at the back, although I wonder where his leadership was when we fell asleep for their goal. I think we're throwing our defenders up for corners a bit too keenly. All to play for in the second half. Would settle for a point. We can't stay as we are for another 45 minutes with a buoyant 'Boro, so I suspect words will be said at the break.
  22. I agree with everything except the "we can beat them" bit. I just watched Ismael's post-match interview. There is some super confidence in that camp, and I think they're going to be unstoppable. Like you, I'd just be happy with a contain and a point. I bet Leighton was gutted not to get a bit of game time tonight. I suspect he'll get some against the Baggies. #COYB
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