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  1. I think Johnson and Bennett is to retain some experience and know how in the team. Without them it's a pretty young midfield. Of course that know how could be brought in. If TM sees Bennett as a right back I would assume they are expect at least one of Nyambe or JRC to be sold and thus the cover is there. Is it just me or was Magloire missing from the list? Looks like at least 1 centre back, a left back, another Midfielder, a winger and a goal machine. Based on the list all will need to be starting 11 standard. Gulp....
  2. I don't want Lampard at Blackburn as its just not the appointment the club needs right now but I wouldn't say he was awful. His first management gig at Derby wasn't a disaster. Cocu came in a more experienced manager with a better reputation and did worse. Should Derby have made the playoffs yes but I don't think Frank was awful for his first job in management. His first season with Chelsea under embargo blooding youth can only be seen as a success under the circumstances. This season he was unbeaten in the champions league group stages which not many awful managers could clai
  3. I've loved having Armstrong and Elliott here this year and part of the reason why I think we underachieved given that quality at that end of the pitch but I don't think either are Prem quality right now. Certainly not starting every week. Armstrong takes the plaudits for his goals but his chance conversion rate in this league isn't deadly as stupid as it sounds after scoring nearly 30 goals. He won't get as many chances in the Prem and better keepers, defenders etc. will make the stats even bleaker. Benrahma ripped this league up, yet to score for West Ham and is more often than not on
  4. I haven't contradicted myself at all. I said I believe he WAS a good championship defender whilst you say he was only ever average at best. I go on to say he isn't premiership quality. I then made the point we haven't been able to judge his level NOW as he barely kicked a ball for us. As for seeing him over the years, I have too although he hasn't played that many games against us. I don't recall him being skinned alive at Ewood or having even a mare at any time to say he was average. The Middlesbrough and Norwich teams he was part of were never rolled over by us. Not
  5. I disagree he was average. At this level in his prime as you say, there were few better in the league and he was very much part of two promotion campaigns to the Premier league. Liverpool Middlesbrough and Norwich all must have seen that in him and at the time were not average clubs. Is he Premier League quality no, is he top end championship we don't know as he hasn't played but I'd suspect not now. But in his prime at this level he was better than average. Injury prone of course but that doesn't mean he's a poor defender, just fragile.
  6. I don't think many would say Ayala isn't a good defender particularly for the Championship its just he's been injured the whole time. Maybe by not going through pre season and then being thrown in to a fixture pile up but when fit, he's been a good defender at this level in his time with Norwich and Middlesbrough
  7. Bell is also hopeless in possession. He gives the ball away 90% of the time so even if he was the world's best tackler, if he just invites pressure back on the defence, what's the point. Pickering will be 1st choice, Douglas will be signed if money allows for the experience and know how whilst having the delivery. Bells only chance is is if Douglas remains too costly. I'd rather Downing played back up to Pickering in that scenario!
  8. Article just read like a collection of views from here to be honest put into a single article
  9. No no no, please no. Youth teams of rival nations so he can stunt their youth and development and I may just see England win a World Cup in my lifetime 😀
  10. I think Elliott will be a class player in good time with the right coaching and development. I agree with others he has dipped but so has the team and we have mostly raved about he and Armstrong this season, it just seems so long ago. Elliott is the only player I'm confident will create something to get us back in a game and his assists back that up. Other message boards are also talking him up all the time so other clubs are seeing it too when they play us. I don't think Liverpool will let him go this early on in his development but I did read today that they may be willin
  11. No the club local to me where I live these days is Rushden & Diamonds. They had their own Jack Walker in the shape of Max Griggs who founded Dr Martens boots. He had a vision to reach the football league and was everything you want in a chairman, like Jack Walker. They reach the old division 2 and were pushing for the play offs but Max couldn't afford to bank roll it anymore. So he gave it debt free to the fans. The fans were not able to run it, released the top earners to bigger clubs to reduce the wage bill and then several relegation followed. Then the club sta
  12. Least it gives us something to burn! Never believed in UFO's but wtf is that 😯
  13. I could really go on a rant after reading that interview, really made my blood boil. More lies and u turns on previous comments. Talking about who will go up. Who is in the race but doesn't look at the table apparently? Coming out with all that about money but he knew the budget at the start of the season and was talking up a play off spot? Venkys probably backed the budget for these loans based on that claim we would be pushing top 6. The more I read, the more he irritates me. I can't even find the words to put it all into context and like many have said, just how is he g
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