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  1. Hopefully the prodigy sergeant Dan Pike, will be called upon duty today. He’s been absolutely incredible throughout the Premier League 2 season, such a throw back safe to say he will be one of the best in years to come. His technical game play is of the highest standard. Over & Out Mr. Tinkle Tadge
  2. Good Morning, Thought I would join in the tadger chew this morning, So should the prodigy Dan Pike be unleashed this weekend against the mighty COV army. In and Out Sargent Tadge (Jack Walker Warrior)
  3. Good Morning, Thought I would join the tadger chewing this morning. Anyway Watford aside who feels the prodigy Dan Pike should be unleashed this weekend, against the might COV army. Here & Out Sargent Tadge
  4. Fully agree Pike is an absolute prodigy, few others I could mention in the academy that have more than enough talent, get them in the first team!
  5. I think starting the entire academy first team would have produced a result tonight, just a suggestion ..
  6. It really is time to start playing some academy players, especially considering how well they are performing in the premier league 2, to be up there with Manchester City & Spurs is incredible. Someone mentioned loaning them out to league 1 or 2, in my opinion that is not going to develop them. Sometimes you have to throw a player in the deep end in a well timed and nurtured manner. McBrides stats do not like and he deserves a start.
  7. I feel that tonight’s game is a perfect chance to try some new academy players, nothing to lose looking at the current form.
  8. Yes definitely if the academy players are not given a chance they will never develop, not like the first team is performing well ..
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