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  1. I am surprised that Sleepy Joe had the energy to even stand up when he said that.
  2. Does that include Ticketmaster's £50 booking fee?
  3. For the first time EVER I did not watch or listen to any of our last 5 games as I had already lost the will to live. I am pleased beyond believe that the nightmare is over for a little while at least. Was this the most boring end to a season ever? Yes or No? If No, which year's end of season was more mind numbingly boring and why?
  4. Maybe you should practice what you preach before supporting nonsense posts.
  5. A big No from me. I would not even consider buying a single ticket for a game even if we drew Burnley or Man Utd in a cup game. There is too much rot that we need to get rid of and I do not want to be paying into the coffers to help support that. I consider that my duty as a fan. STOP THE ROT!
  6. Unfortunately, as Kean did back then Mowbray will still have a lot of support in the ground. Especially after their memories have been reset during the summer.
  7. The time is either now or it has already passed. It would be really interesting to see how the Sky lot would react, or if they would even cover it at all. As the Sky game yesterday was a bit of an embarrassment given that the pundits were all supporting the protesters and you could almost hear the producers screaming in the background for them to change the narrative towards the violent and hence negative aspect of the whole thing.
  8. No I did not. Heck this place is full of people trying to Newmanize every situation and I will not let you get away with it. So let us get back to Mike's Nonsense post where he said that his TV Doctor (the one that also happens to be a Director of Pseudoscience) debunked the death age stats etc. that the Corbynista type pub landlord quoted just before Starmer tried to give him the bush off . Even after all this time I am STILL waiting. Can one expect the Venkys to have us winning the Champions League before I receive this proof?
  9. Hells Bells! Where to begin with that one? Though to your minor credit at least you posted some kind of link instead of just a throwaway comment as your partner in crime did (said comment is as yet is still proven to be complete bunkum!) But anyway let us at least digest the info in your given link along with your "doctor" who I presume you think I should just believe outright just because he has "Dr" before his name? The first thing that strikes me in that 30 second "Twitter Style" clip is the complete uncouth arrogance of your Media Doctor. It starts with The Millionaire belittling the
  10. What’s that got to do with the price of fish? Irrelevant much? Or is it that if someone here "gives up their free time to help run the website" they can post throwaway comments (nonsense) without anyone being able to call them out? Is that how this place is run? Already done it. And my original comment stands. In short your Millionaire Media Doctor did not debunk any of the stats that were quoted at Starmer. Furthermore, as well as being of questionable character, said Millionaire TV Doctor is more than heavily linked to a company that specialises in what would be known in
  11. Where do they get the stats for that? What I found mildly amusing was the last time I watched iFollow there was some regular screenshot that would come up with something along the lines of "Support Your Team Do Not Illegal Stream". I could hardly really imagine anyone even bothering to stream from iFollow in the first place bearing in mind the state of the season and the awful football, never mind thousands (or even hundreds) of fans clambering to watch said football and, as they made out, "stealing" revenue from the club.
  12. STILL waiting for you to post which stats related to age of death etc. as pointed out to Starmer in the original altercation that your TV doctor supposedly debunked. Will I have to wait long? Or can we expect Mowbray to have resigned before then?
  13. Yet again you try and use deflection tactics. Now post evidence of this 'debunking'. Or let your comment be consigned to the 'it was yet another throwaway comment I read on Twitter' bin. As a side note it is a bit worrying how the opposition leader and 'lawyer' Starmer was not able to debunk the simple stats he was provided with before hiding behind his goons, arrogantly brushing the landlord off and entering the pub (possibly looking for the nearest massive fridge).
  14. Maybe he should run at the next UK election? (It will also probably the only way we will get rid of him).
  15. I did not even know we were playing. The first I learned of it was upon checking my emails earlier today and seeing the offer to see the game on iFollow (No thanks by the way). It would appear that I had a lucky escape. Commiserations to those that spent almost 2 hours of their life on it, and especially to those that actually shelled out a further £10.
  16. Firstly, what has that got to do with the mainstream editing videos in order to suit their agenda? Secondly. Who? I would be very interested to know just which facts as provided by places such as the Office For National Statistics (ONS) and used by the landlord that this mystery Dr 'debunked'. It would also be immensely beneficial if you could post some kind of link to this 'debunking', instead of just a throwaway comment. Thanks.
  17. It has been interesting to see how the mainstream media have spun this. Take the Disgracefully biased BBC report for example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RdqVxz-Izw It tries to insinuate that the pub landlord was "unhinged" in some way and finishes with an interview from Starmer that uses suggestive language to enforce this "...(the man) questioned whether there was a pandemic at all . . " When in actual fact (as is shown in a semi-fuller version on an earlier Sky News report) the landlord actually confronted Starmer before he went in the pub with some facts about the
  18. Do I get a lolly for getting the result correct? A bit of a lucky win by all accounts, but those teams below us are all gash. 2 goalies in a succession have gifted us points. All Praise the God of Butterfingers. Unfortunately as I said in the relegation thread, this is the start of a super end to the season which Mowbray and those Rovers fans with memories like goldfish will use to try and justify the journey is going places and we will have to suffer the utterly shite one for yet another season.
  19. What team have we got out? I did not even bother to look. I would like to see Rotherham stay up at the expense of Derby so I want us to beat them, though I will not be crying too much. Derby are a poor team, Mowbray should be executed if we do not win never mind sacked. 2-1 to us.
  20. Guess who's back, guess who's back Guess who's back, guess who's back Guess who's back, guess who's back
  21. Actually I just looked at the most extended highlights I could find of that game and a 4 goal thrashing would have been more apt. But this is one of the games that has been well reported as a great battling performance and deserved point. But I do not think there are many or even any games out there where a 4 goal defeat (as would have been deserved) could be described as such. I demand a dR (deserved Results) table. I know Mowbray and his supporters have continually banged on about all these close defeats where we supposedly should have got more. But I can not help thinking back to thos
  22. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-56741000 James Dyson says Brexit has given him 'freedom'
  23. Is there an expected goals against? I was just thinking back to the recent Norwich game where a lot of people seem to think that it was an amazing performance against the top team. But my memory is that we should have easily lost by at least 2 clear goals based on clear cut chances. Expected Norwich 4-2 Expected Rovers would have been a fairer reflection and so Zero Expected points.
  24. I think it shows just how boring things have got that we are almost trying to make up some unlikely scenarios where we might still have something to play for at some point. Can anyone remember a more boring recent season? It has been dead for a number of weeks already and there is literally nothing to look forward to and the football has mainly been atrocious.
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