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  1. World Cup 2026 is mostly in the USA. Why have they been given the tournament again when they only hosted it in 1994 (28 years after England last hosted)? Personally I do not think a few drunken fans or social media posts is going to make any difference to a World Cup bid as it mostly comes down to corruption. It is long past time that England should have been given the World Cup hosting rights. Though perhaps the English just aren't corrupt enough? Some of the past corrupt bid winners have been well documented. Such as the disgraceful South African 2010 bid. The joke Qatar World Cup. And if racism played any part in it at all (which it does not) then there is no way Russia would have hosted the last World Cup. I also find it laughable that Uruguay has been suggested as a host country over England on that basis. A country where what we would call anti black racism is basically a national sport.
  2. Cannot blame him one bit. He was getting wrongly criticised on the national news for 'bottling it and letting a 19 year old take on the burden instead'.
  3. Very Sobering Fact in the cold light of day: That was actually England's joint worst tournament penalty performance ever. During more than 3 decades of heartache and shame only once previous had England actually been so bad as to shockingly miss 3 out of 5. The infamous 2006 losers with the detestable Carragher and co. Now the current set up has emulated them. It is really difficult to see how this team can get that monkey off their back. They have inherited the curse. Perennial losers. Perhaps a change of manager is now required? The future looks as bleak as ever.
  4. Who the hell let Mowbray in the changing room at half time? That 2nd half was an absolute shocker, probably the worst I have ever seen of us in a Finals tournament. What happened? Those pens were shockers too, especially Rashford. I feel sorry for Pickford. If you save 2 pens you have to expect that your players are going to to the business. A New Low. I do not know where one can go from here. Yet another home bottle after being in the driving seat . . . .
  5. It is probably hard not to be miserable when looking forward to another season of shite at Ewood. LOL. I would take Rovers getting relegated if it meant England win. Fuck club football. That mentality should have died out with tossers like Carragher and the rest of the dislikable fake generation. ENGLAND ALL THE WAY! COME ON!
  6. Yes. All but one. They looked good against a few crap teams then reverted to type. Thought I was watching a team managed by John Beck. If Spain had anyone but a Ben Brereton Diaz upfront then Italy would not have got to the final. England will really have to watch out for the Italian dark arts and hoofball (as they played against Spain). Those are my concerns.
  7. May I suggest that you use the internet and watch in Danish instead.
  8. Well that is one team in the final that the whole of Europe and the World should dread. Denmark or England's biggest threat will be getting bored to death by the usual Italian's anti-football.
  9. I am surprised that Sleepy Joe had the energy to even stand up when he said that.
  10. Does that include Ticketmaster's £50 booking fee?
  11. For the first time EVER I did not watch or listen to any of our last 5 games as I had already lost the will to live. I am pleased beyond believe that the nightmare is over for a little while at least. Was this the most boring end to a season ever? Yes or No? If No, which year's end of season was more mind numbingly boring and why?
  12. Maybe you should practice what you preach before supporting nonsense posts.
  13. A big No from me. I would not even consider buying a single ticket for a game even if we drew Burnley or Man Utd in a cup game. There is too much rot that we need to get rid of and I do not want to be paying into the coffers to help support that. I consider that my duty as a fan. STOP THE ROT!
  14. Unfortunately, as Kean did back then Mowbray will still have a lot of support in the ground. Especially after their memories have been reset during the summer.
  15. The time is either now or it has already passed. It would be really interesting to see how the Sky lot would react, or if they would even cover it at all. As the Sky game yesterday was a bit of an embarrassment given that the pundits were all supporting the protesters and you could almost hear the producers screaming in the background for them to change the narrative towards the violent and hence negative aspect of the whole thing.
  16. No I did not. Heck this place is full of people trying to Newmanize every situation and I will not let you get away with it. So let us get back to Mike's Nonsense post where he said that his TV Doctor (the one that also happens to be a Director of Pseudoscience) debunked the death age stats etc. that the Corbynista type pub landlord quoted just before Starmer tried to give him the bush off . Even after all this time I am STILL waiting. Can one expect the Venkys to have us winning the Champions League before I receive this proof?
  17. Hells Bells! Where to begin with that one? Though to your minor credit at least you posted some kind of link instead of just a throwaway comment as your partner in crime did (said comment is as yet is still proven to be complete bunkum!) But anyway let us at least digest the info in your given link along with your "doctor" who I presume you think I should just believe outright just because he has "Dr" before his name? The first thing that strikes me in that 30 second "Twitter Style" clip is the complete uncouth arrogance of your Media Doctor. It starts with The Millionaire belittling the pub landlord with an insult regarding his job that to his credit the pub landlord just brushes off, possibly largely because he has heard similar stuff from drunken louts and other such idiots a million times already. However it is hardly the behaviour one would expect of a doctor is it? Certainly not a doctor you would have much confidence in. He does not come across well at all. Then as we look to the end of the article, although it is poorly written, we see that there is some reference to The not so good Dr"making an almost slanderous remark about the landlord's business. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dr Hilary sparked a backlash among viewers as he attempted to joke: "Dr Hilary joked about Rod's role as a landlord: "Someone who doesn't believe in the pandemic might not wash his glasses either!" One viewer complained: "Just saw him on #GMB , obviously Dr Hilary didn't agree with him so tried to damage his business further by suggesting he didn't wash his glasses." "Did Dr Hilary really just say they might not be watching the glasses in the pub there? WTAF???? #GMB," another stunned viewer said. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Again not a doctor I would be placing much faith in. A bit of a disgrace by all accounts. But hey, we all have different standards. As for your comment about believing a pub landlord over a doctor it is not a binary choice or even a choice at all. But I will say neither in any case. Your media doctor is certainly no expert on the pandemic so should not be seen as such by anyone with an ounce of intelligence. He seems to have qualified as a bog-standard GP, ending his education there and even quitting full time GP work to chase the money elsewhere. Does he even specialise in anything? He is not a virologist. He is not a epidemiologist. Of course we know he is not an economist. It seems like regularly appearing on what is little more than a morning gossip show as an 'expert' is about his level. Perhaps he is after Piers Morgan's job? He certainly seems to have the arrogance for it. Furthermore I note that the TV Doctor is also currently a director of the Private Medical company MedTate which is basically a company that specialises in stuff that any real medical experts steer well clear from. In short pure PSEUDOSCIENCE. The kind of con job stuff championed by The Daily Express. To finish. As at least a couple of you here seem to be fans of the not so good doctor. Do you know where his political allegiances lie? I was just interested in knowing if he may also have a political agenda (It is literally impossible for me at the moment to get down London way and do a bit of good old fashioned digging around). From reading through some of the things on the politics and coronavirus threads here I have seen some Conservative party members being regularly called out for their deals with private medical companies and the like. This Hilary guy does very much seem like a much less likeable Matt Hancock type with added wide boy.
  18. What’s that got to do with the price of fish? Irrelevant much? Or is it that if someone here "gives up their free time to help run the website" they can post throwaway comments (nonsense) without anyone being able to call them out? Is that how this place is run? Already done it. And my original comment stands. In short your Millionaire Media Doctor did not debunk any of the stats that were quoted at Starmer. Furthermore, as well as being of questionable character, said Millionaire TV Doctor is more than heavily linked to a company that specialises in what would be known in medical circles as pure pseudoscience. I will address the link you posted in a while. Which I did actually watch and read, though upon reading it I wonder if you actually bothered to.
  19. Where do they get the stats for that? What I found mildly amusing was the last time I watched iFollow there was some regular screenshot that would come up with something along the lines of "Support Your Team Do Not Illegal Stream". I could hardly really imagine anyone even bothering to stream from iFollow in the first place bearing in mind the state of the season and the awful football, never mind thousands (or even hundreds) of fans clambering to watch said football and, as they made out, "stealing" revenue from the club.
  20. STILL waiting for you to post which stats related to age of death etc. as pointed out to Starmer in the original altercation that your TV doctor supposedly debunked. Will I have to wait long? Or can we expect Mowbray to have resigned before then?
  21. Yet again you try and use deflection tactics. Now post evidence of this 'debunking'. Or let your comment be consigned to the 'it was yet another throwaway comment I read on Twitter' bin. As a side note it is a bit worrying how the opposition leader and 'lawyer' Starmer was not able to debunk the simple stats he was provided with before hiding behind his goons, arrogantly brushing the landlord off and entering the pub (possibly looking for the nearest massive fridge).
  22. Maybe he should run at the next UK election? (It will also probably the only way we will get rid of him).
  23. I did not even know we were playing. The first I learned of it was upon checking my emails earlier today and seeing the offer to see the game on iFollow (No thanks by the way). It would appear that I had a lucky escape. Commiserations to those that spent almost 2 hours of their life on it, and especially to those that actually shelled out a further £10.
  24. Firstly, what has that got to do with the mainstream editing videos in order to suit their agenda? Secondly. Who? I would be very interested to know just which facts as provided by places such as the Office For National Statistics (ONS) and used by the landlord that this mystery Dr 'debunked'. It would also be immensely beneficial if you could post some kind of link to this 'debunking', instead of just a throwaway comment. Thanks.
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