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  1. Whilst I agree with you on the marketing point, he was one of the Chile Delegates at Cop26 in Glasgow and sagged off to come and see BBD. The Press write the story that fits their narrative : The Guardian headline would have been " Cop26 Delegate wastes CO2 on minor Football Match"
  2. We have loads in an attic somewhere. Then Primark opened its first shop! Always thought they were like poor Ivy League Baseball clones. Send your details to support@roverstrust.co.uk and we will find an attic-soiled free gift.
  3. Which is why the lack of vision,strategy and direction still resides in Pune.
  4. Please...you are such a long term and valuable member of brfcs that we cannot allow this cock-up of our Mailchimp database to continue. Send an email to chair@roverstrust,co,uk and I will send you personally a copy of our next newsletter! You are not the only Member of the Trust to say this and of course if you change your main email it does disrupt this.....but an email to me or enquiries@roverstrust.co.uk on any issue does get forwarded to Michael E. or the relevant person. As a footnote we have 37 new members in the last few weeks. Our aim is to move up to 1000 members and show to the Club that we represent a high percentage of Rovers Supporters.
  5. The important thing about the Oxford match is that there were no vouchers for money off the next seasons season tickets(in fact as frickin usual ST prices were still being decided!) for all the extra supporters. Doubt we even had them on any database. Core ST holders want more fans on the ground.
  6. I think everyone is forgetting a non-football issue. To avoid the FFP problems that Rovers have(low Commercial Income and even lower Gate receipts) we now need to raise £10mn per year from other sources. This explains Adam Armstrong; potential sale and lease back of Brockhall; and the sale of one or two players in January. So those who have not signed contract extensions HAVE to be sold ......and we need to keep the Wages Bill down because this is the key Expenditure vs Income figure....everything else for BRFC rotates round that. If Tracey Crouch's Review can sort out the 'trickle down' from the PL, and end parachute payments then the Rovers have a sounder future. We will still need a more 'aware' BRFC Management to switch-on new supporters and sponsors/advertisers to bridge the gap. The key to it for the forseeable future will be players wages out of kilter with the financial reality of their Clubs.
  7. You will notice that the new Board of the Trust has sponsored www.brfcs.com as a vital connection between the fans. We strongly believe that we have to collaborate together(usually used as a phrase against a visible enemy!). We are also sponsoring Radio Rovers and 4000 Holes. We hope to start a "Regeneration Fund" in the future......as much to safeguard the assets and also celebrate our heritage. My own favourite is to crowdfund a Bob Crompton statue, but other ideas have been kids tickets for local schools and , obviously, a safe standing zone. We welcome ideas and particularly people wanting to join the Board....currently 5 elected and 2 non-exec, so 3 potential non-exec roles. And some of the ideas from our Feb 2020 Marketing Prospectus(see Trust website) have been introduced.....but not at the speed required!!
  8. Agree with all that Revidge Blue, especially the issues around the actual management of the Club assets. It feels like the 'beginning of this end' but unless the Owners get more involved or at least their Representative gets more involved/starts telling us what he is doing, then nothing can change. A change of Manager and Management is actually a highly dangerous move under this Ownership.
  9. The biggest clue to how far current Owners have reduced morale and commitment of our fan-base will be the attendance figures for Notlob and ourselves on Saturday. Both at home with similar cash-strapped fans, similar pandemic experience etc etc.
  10. Just wanted to bump this up. Everything from Player management; ticket management; retail management; web-site management etc looks like a competency issue as of Summer 2021. It feels serious. They can only add missing Season Ticket holders on Saturday....so that is the first thing I will look out for after the score(on Holiday but ST holder)
  11. I think the lengthy Contracts for all the ex-Boro players stinks.....but Pears takes the 'peach' so to speak fruitily. We did not even need him. And he hunts down Harry Chapman who then will not get his attitude right for the Manager. At least with Graeme Souness the ex-Rangers players he brought us were outstanding or we got our money back. TM's Boro players....just money down the drain.
  12. This is wrong! We have had no Board and no care and attention from the Owners for 10 years. There is no connection between the Team, Manager, CEO and the rest of the Club Directors, whatever time they spare for us. It is now a Financial Control issue only from Pune. The Trust is trying to flush them out, but it is not working as yet. Next stage is July 19th when the UK re-opens coupled with the Rovers Accounts being passed(?). We need the fans back and in numbers 'to keep the flame burning'. The season ticket pricing plus walk-on prices will not produce this. I think we need a September 1st Season-Ticket Offer in August coupled with 6 match or 10 match "bundle offers". Its of no use to have more supporters not at the match as those at the match, because there is no appetite for protests and the situation just breeds apathy.
  13. I was in Hawkins. Never won anything but had character!
  14. Agreed Meesh. We miss Graham Jones....I will be inviting him to Trust AGM when we can fix a date. Tim Farron has been very pro-active as well and I have been in contact with Straw family. But the luckiest man in Politics(Nigel Evans) and Corbyn's PPA(Kate Hollern) have been silent and uninterested.
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