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  1. Hi all. I had the tremendous honour of recording with James Beattie recently. It was actually the day after news broke of the European Super League, which actually seems a lifetime ago. Obviously you all know James so I don't need to say much but it's a cracking listen, he's a really top bloke. For those of you who went to QEGS it'll be particularly interesting.
  2. Hi Tom. The takeaway was that when John Buckley has played Blackburn Rovers have scored more than they concede. I never should've posted the entire screenshot really, it's just confused the point. I would, however, be interested to know if you have read the recruitment document. Would be interesting to hear a professional opinion on that.
  3. Apologies to all, this is my fault for plonking a table down without explaining it's meaning. It's not my table, it's direct from fbref which uses Statsbomb data. The argument was around whether we won with Buckley in the team. All that table is showing is that we have a positive goal difference in the time that he has played. Whilst JB has been on the pitch we have scored 15 and conceded 10 in 2020/21. But, as the table shows, the vast majority of our players have a net positive (because we had a positive goal difference across the season). JBs ratio is 10th best in the squad.
  4. Don't want to add more fuel to the fire necessarily and not trying to fool Sparks' eyes, if you think Buckley isn't up to it, that's fine. But Buckley is statistically a net positive to the side. Still a small sample in terms of minutes but to say we lose every time he starts is a bit far. I genuinely do rate him FWIW. I see the same physical flaws as we all do but technically I think he has it. Jason Wilcox also name-checked him in our interview as Rovers' best youth product. So that'll do for me too.
  5. I absolutely agree that bias will always exist within data. But the job of a good analyst is to provide insights taking into account that knowledge of bias. Identifying a team's strengths and weaknesses is another thing that needs to be done via visual analysis as well as data, and by watching all 46 games I think I am well placed to be able to provide both. It is interesting that trying to work for a professional football club could be considered a bias, I think there may be something in that tbf. But I am happy with, and stand by, the conclusions reached in what I wrote. Some metrics ar
  6. Absolutely and that is why, as again stated in the document, there are traditional scouting analysis for every player recommended. Also, if you have any time, watch the recent Stats Show videos on modern recruitment. An agreement that the visual, video and data analysis has to be in sync. In fact, I weighted all of my work towards visual scouting. It takes a long time to get to know these players and know that they are the right character for your club. God knows we need some character bringing in.
  7. Hi all. Would like to thank anyone and everyone who has given my work a read over the last few days. As you can probably tell it took a very long time to do and a lot of late nights around my full time job and young family, so any view or like or comment is much appreciated. Just in answer to some comments around motive. Yes, although I am currently a player analyst part-time at FIVEYARDS (a football scouting/gambling game) it is my dream to work in recruitment for a club. That is very unlikely to be Blackburn. If they had wanted the style of stuff I do then they had ample time after last
  8. Something tells me that this won't hit the same tone as the prevailing discussion but... No matter where on the in-out spectrum you sit hopefully there is enough in there to provoke reasoned debate. Might want to forward to 20mins in if you aren't interested in general performance metrics discussion and want to just see the pure Rovers based stuff. https://youtu.be/irZD0MUQ6DU
  9. What is it that you think it says exactly? That he hasn't a clue what he's doing?
  10. First time post. I don't understand this. I think we should probably celebrate a person getting a promotion and more money for his family. Good for him. There are concerns for the club, from the poor results to the continued anonymity of our owners and the lack of transparency in future planning. But I don't think we need to attribute every single thing that happens to Mowbray, Venus & Waggott.
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