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  1. The problem is TM does not believe in Blackburn Rovers and the fans don't believe in TM. Next season will be interesting.
  2. Local team gone with Macron. Dull and boring training gear. Better standards at Primark.
  3. The Macron kit looks great. Signed,sealed and delivered at recent board meeting.
  4. When I hear the word Macron I automatically think of Emmanuel Macron the president of France. Can't understand why he wants his name on our shirt.
  5. Hopefully I wake up soon and realise that this all has been a nightmare and we actually have Addias as our kit supplier.
  6. At this rate I'd take admiral or diadora before macron.
  7. Looked through brochure clinging to the hope of finding any positives. Horrendous, will spend my money elsewhere.
  8. I agree poor choice of sportswear. Will not be purchasing if kits are by Macron. Bring back Puma and Hummel, all is forgiven.
  9. Hummel is rubbish. Shirt sizes all over the place. Difficult to find the perfect fit, seen this before with Rangers kit.
  10. We need to get good money for Armstrong, seeing 15m being talked about. I'd be looking 30m no less. Wouldn't mind getting Rhodes back with another striker.
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