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  1. Well this is the summer transfer thread, not the "Mowbray Discussion" or the "Mowbray Successor" thread. And by the looks of it, and the rumors going around, he's staying. And what we are working with funds wise, is still up in the air, but I'm not very optimistic on it. We've established we utilize loans with Elliott, Bellis, Branthwaite, Douglas, Trybull. So if Bellis/Branthwaite go back to their respective clubs, we could get a loan for a young CB. A loan for a front 3 position is do-able as well. I'd rather get a player on a permanent to establish and get a cohesive squad like you said, but again, how much funds are we working with?
  2. Big problem if Armstrong is sold, is to find the right replacement for him to fill in his goal tally. Cause who out of Brereton, Gallagher, and McBride are going to fill his boots? I think we can bring in another loan for a young CB for an emergency purpose. I quite like that Rhys Williams from Liverpool, won't get much game time there and will look to further his experience somewhere else, why not show his talent here at Blackburn to impress Klopp? I'd love to give Nyambe an extension, but I doubt he'll sign one, so we'll need a RB. Think we could get the American Deandre Yedlin from Galatasaray? Maybe too expensive on wages possibly, but not a bad choice if he can stay healthy (huge issue). If Armstrong is sold to West Ham (heavily linked), maybe we can get Ademipo Odubeko in return + cash? Certainly we could get a loan, cause he won't get much game time since they'll invest in their striker positions. I don't necessarily like all these loans and would rather build the squad with perms. But imo, Odubeko wouldn't be a bad option. Surely not to completely take over Armstrong's goal tally, we would need to bring in someone along with him. I'm just saying as a backup since I can't see Brereton, Gallagher, and McBride doing much.... Hopefully I'm wrong.
  3. Think we could get Harry Wilson from Liverpool? They'll be looking to offload him this summer to reinforce their squad and has been loaned out the past 4/5 seasons to the Championship. Could be a potential Elliott replacement on a perm? Not sure how much funds we'll be working with, but I think he's a quality little player, we at least could get another loan...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Blxckwater from Texas. I've been a longtime lurker on this website and finally decided to make an account to share my thoughts/opinions with everyone on here! Not very many supporters of Blackburn over here in the states, but I became a fan of the Rovers by doing some travel and have come across a few fans in my endeavors and they were very friendly and felt like family. Coupled with catching a few games on the tv (not very many are shown here) and doing my research on the club, I became a lifelong fan! On top of the fact that everyone here in the states supports all the major "big" clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, ManU, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc. I didn't want to hop on the bandwagon of all those clubs, and felt more of a family with Blackburn. Hope to get to know you guys while sharing my thoughts and maybe one day I can catch a game live at Ewood Park! Thanks! -Blxckwater0
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