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  1. I’m only a somewhat new fan, that was long before my time, but I recently got a few VHS from that season. I find myself inadvertently cheering along with goals that happened over 25 years ago.
  2. Then that is certainly gotta be one contributing factor to lower attendance, if you don’t have to actually leave the house to see the match.
  3. As a foreigner, I can watch pretty near every game on RoversTV. Is this the same for UK viewers? What games are blacked out for local fans? Only ones on Sky?
  4. Almost 2k fans made the trip to Barnsley today. Maybe people aren’t happy, but there will always be a loyal contingent.
  5. While everyone keeps talking about lower season ticket sales, I assume that does not that factor in iFollow or RoversTV. I’d never be an ST holder, but they got my $242 USD this season.
  6. Thanks a lot. I’ll try to find that then.
  7. Is this a TV show? Documentary? Excuse my ignorance, I’m an American, and assuming you’re not talking about the Nick Hornby book.
  8. Same here. In the US the game is being carried on ESPN+, so where you are is it on TV?
  9. This is one of my favorite things about watching old games. Players are in their 20s and look 50. I’d love it if others joined the game. David Mail, 24 years old.
  10. Only once ever came across another American supporter. Not too many of us. I want to a Chelsea v Inter friendly in Baltimore about 10 years ago and out of 70,000 fans, saw one other Blackburn jersey. Hope you’re enjoying it.
  11. Originally I was a fan from like 2009-14 or so. I picked the club because they have a great history, the city’s history is working class industrial, and about the same size as my home city (Buffalo). But when the Rovers dropped to lower divisions, it was pretty impossible to follow from the United States at that time, so I just left the sport for a bit. I came back last season and I’m here for good. Just got a Rovers tattoo this week, and my goal is to visit Ewood for the final home made of the season. I’ve only once in my life seen someone in a Blackburn kit, and would love to not be the only one. Oh, and I now collect Rovers VHS, but I’ve bought all the ones on eBay.
  12. The audio was a bit off for most of the one match, but other than that, as someone that’s watched them live, the quality was great and I’ve had no issues. Of course the fact that there’s no highlights or replays sucks, but the quality of live has worked great for me.
  13. I paid twice for one of the friendlies because I couldn’t figure it out.
  14. Might be the same issue I had with a preseason game. Did you go to the Match Centre? Then scroll a little to where it says Live Video. (If you go to your Subscriptions it should also list today’s match there)
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