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  1. This is awful. Kane completely anonymous again, would be better off with Ben Diaz up front.
  2. Not sure it's the right place but my team for the Scotland game; Pickford James Maguire stones Shaw Bellingham Phillips Foden mount Grealish Kane If we are not winning after an hour bring rashford, sterling and Sancho on to expose the tired defence. 3-0 England.
  3. Hope so, we are pretty much already through so think we should be going gung ho the next two games, give the other big teams something to be afraid of
  4. Great game, just wish England would try and play a bit more like the dutch. With the players we have could be fantastic to watch.
  5. It's all in your head fella. My black mates are all sick of hearing about it as well. What patterns? BLM, MOBOS, Black history month...change black to white in any of those and it's racist. The average person on the street isn't racist they are just sick of hearing about it. That's why I will boo and I'm not saying anymore on the matter. Snowflake society
  6. Where are black People systemically killed by white people? It's people like you who constantly refer to the colour of peoples skin who are the racists in my book. Who shot Sasha Johnstone?
  7. I'll boo because it's trying to create a problem that dosnt exist. Look at Lewis Hamilton, mercedes have spent a fortune on his development since a young age but he's still wanting "equality".
  8. I'm definitely not a racist but I will be booing if the players kneel. If they said what they hope to achieve by doing it I might take it more seriously. As it stands all I can see is they are doing it because a dangerous criminal was murdered by a policeman.
  9. If fans are allowed back at ewood next season what do you think will happen of the players decide to kneel? There will be loads of boos. Hopefully mowbray sees sense and puts a stop to it.
  10. What racism is it exposing? Do white players get picked over black players regardless of skill?
  11. First time poster long time lurker. Samba was a rovers legend, as was Benni Mac. At the time it didn't even cross my mind they were black, they were just outstanding footballers. Kneeling is creating racism in my opinion.
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