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  1. Last night's Chilean news story on Ben focused on the ever increasing interest in his services by other teams in the upcoming transfer window. "Ben on the rise" Ben has been described as "the jewel" of the upcoming January transfer window. British sources value Brereton at USD$26M, which would make him the most expensive player in Rover's history and the 4th highest price for a Chilean. Chileans are particularly keen on Leeds and their coach Marcelo Bielsa's interest in the attacker (Bielsa used to coach Chile's national team) though Newcastle was also mentioned. "Brereton' transfer price rises like foam"
  2. Rovers fan Lewis Hamill has tattooed Ben Brereton Díaz chugging a Pepsi on his belly. He hired artist Ash Wilkinson to immortalize Ben onto his stomach.
  3. It was a great uncle whom i saw on tv. Ben's grandfather's brother. It was his grandfather who went to the UK with Ben's mom in tow to study ceramic manufacturing. Ben caused a stir a few months ago by declaring his family's support for Colo Colo, which is of course a divisive issue since it is one of the big teams in Chile.
  4. Last week there was a bit of an ado in Chilean politics involving a picture of Ben appearing to support the left-wing presidential candidate Gabriel Boric. [Pronounced BOR-ich], who advanced to the 2nd/final round of Chile's presidential election on 19 Dec. (taking on Kast, a right-wing candidate). Scarf reads: "This December 19 Boric for president". Caption : "Ben with Boric" This turned out to be a FAKE picture but the Díaz family in Chile (quite bothered by the whole thing) still felt the need to come out & publicly rebuke the doctored picture & were upset Ben's popularity & image would try to be exploited for political purposes. It should be said this was not done by the Borić campaign but some unknown supporter on social media.
  5. "Ben prepares his leap" On Chilean news last nigh, they discussed the "imminent" departure of "Big Ben" from Blackburn to "a more competitive league" in January following his great success with Rovers & the Chilean national team this year. Real Sociedad and Sevilla from Spain have had their eye on him, as have Tottenham, Leeds United, and Everton among other Premiere League teams (I've read Newcastle is looking at BBD as well). "Brereton prepares for his great leap in Europe"
  6. Ben Unstoppable Ben scores two goals in Blackbun's win
  7. The Ben Show The "Big Ben" show upon his return to England
  8. A lot of chileans are embarassed by that song (the "Ben Ben Ben, scores a goal goal goal" one). They find it cheesy & lowbrow. It always has a lot of negative comments. In that great little mini-doc posted by CD_93 it is particularly singled out for criticism. I like it though. But i have bad taste. Here is the original 2004 version of "Ven Ven" [come, come] by chilean singer Karen Paola.
  9. A Brereton cumbia.... Chorus: Ben Ben Ben kicks it, like Bam Bam Bam [iván zamorano], The goal [the net] goes boom boom boom, It's a Brereton goal!
  10. Yeah, lastnight was a slow trainwreck. Good goal by Ecuador min 7. Arturo Vidal straight red for a high kick to an Ecuadorian face min 10, so playing with 10 men for 90 mins [5mins stoppage time ea half]. Starting L midfielder Mena injured around min 25. Alexis Sánchez injured min 35 [so 3 starters gone before halftime]. Sierralta from Twatford, a defender, ended the game as center fwd bc he was injured & limping but no substitutes. Luckily Equador couldnt shoot straight or it couldve been 0-4. This is Chile's first ever loss to Equador at home for a WC qualifier [11wins, now 1 loss]. Chile drops from 4th to 6th in the standings. Next games are Jan 27 2022 vs Argentina in Chile followed by Bolivia at La Paz's 4000m. Bolivia beat Uruguay 3-0 there yest. As mediocre as Bolivia are it is like playing Brazil when you play them at home due to altitude [Argentina lost 0-6 to them there]. Those games are not official FIFA dates so it'll be interesting to watch the tug of wars betwixt CONMEBOL and the players' respective clubs for those dates. Mowbray certainly wont play ball if Brereton is still at Blackburn.
  11. Poor game but a win is a win. BBD didnt have a great game. The yellow he received was clumsy & stupid. Suspended next game. Good for Rovers but the fans in Santiago on Tuesday will miss him. Ecuador have a vibrant team but they only seem to play well at Quito. The Argentine announcers at some point after BBD ran at and into Paraguayan defenders said "....and Brereton, who likes to run, shows why shooting and scoring are more his thing" since he looked stiff & out of sorts running at defenders with the ball. Chile is in qualifying [play-off] territory for the 1st time now.
  12. Chile's chances to qualify are still less than 50% i think but theae 2 games will clear that up. When Chile has advanced beyond the 1st round in a world cup it is 100% guaranteed we get eliminated by Brazil. Always. It is the way it has been. It is the way it will continue to be. If Chile make it out of pool stage they are 100% playing Brazil. And losing . 1962 Chile 2-4 Brazil in semi-finals 1998 Chile 1-4 Brazil rd of 16 2010 Chile 0-3 Brazil rd of 16 2014 Chile 1-1 Brazil (pens 2-3) rd of 16
  13. A very good article from ESPN based on a recent interview with Ben at Ewood Park. Gets into some of his biography and the unique story behind his improved play and rise to intercontintenal fame. It includes a video of part of the interview with some good pictures. https://www.espn.com/soccer/blog-espn-fc-united/story/4517029/ben-brereton-diaz-from-stoke-to-chile-via-blackburnvideo-games-and-whatsapp Ben Brereton Díaz: From Stoke to Chile via Blackburn, video games, and WhatsApp BLACKBURN, England -- From the outside looking in, the Ben Brereton Díaz story looks like a footballing fairytale. Once upon a time, there was a young striker from Stoke who was struggling to score goals, but something happened. He started scoring goals, a computer game apparently unearthed his Chilean ancestry, and eventually, he would make his international debut against Lionel Messi. Now he's one of the most famous people in Chile and the face of Pepsi. At the start of the season he was 1000-1 to score 20 league goals for Blackburn Rovers in the Championship. He's already got 13, and the clocks have only just gone back; betting companies in England are already paying out on him reaching the milestone. And all this, six years after he contemplated giving the game up, having been told for a second time he wasn't going to be good enough to be a professional footballer. In Chile, the crowd chants "Brereton." At Blackburn, they cheer for "Díaz" and it's all a little bit...out there.
  14. CONMEBOL's official Twitter feed today featured our boy Ben while promoting the upcoming round of WC qualifyers. I'm not on Twitter but my wife is so I forced her to look it up and send me the screenshot. So Ben Brereton Díaz is not only the new face of Chilean football but the face of all South American football it seems. "The qualifyers are back and Ben knows it"
  15. "Chilean at heart" Last night's news story on BBD focussed on statements he had made during the week saying how proud he felt to play for Chile. Ben said it has given him the drive & confidence to improve his performance with Blackburn Rovers. BBD said has bonded & become better friends with the team members each time he gets called up. He relishes every trip to Chile. They also contrasted Ben's statements with the many comments made by Tony Mowbray complaining & bemoaning his absence at every international call-up Ben has. "Brereton and his pride defending Chile" [Several players have independently stated that despite the language barrier Ben has won over his team mates/locker room with his easy-going & "light" personality, ambition, and play.] They then interviewed people on the street, all of whom sang Ben's praises. The young and old love the guy.
  16. I dont get it....¿what trouble? ¿To take a plane to south américa? ¿To sign autographs?
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