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  1. Will be happy with a draw a lot of work for us building a team this season
  2. Ok cheers enjoy your season back in the grounds (hopefully) 🤞
  3. We are looking at getting the 18:29 train back to Wigan from Preston, price of the taxi is not really a problem as there are 4 of us.
  4. Yeah cheers was making thinking about having a quick drink in the The Fernhurst after the game letting it die down for 20 minutes and then Ubering it straight to Preston Station any ideas on taxi prices and how long it would take to get to Preston in a taxi?
  5. Hi Folks Can you tell me if it is possible to get the first train back to Blackburn from Mill Hill after the game or is it a bit of a scrum? We need to get back to Preston ASAP after the game and was toying with the idea of a taxi? Cheers
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