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  1. 11 points 3 wins and 2 draws tremendous progress. Don’t forget Coyle in charge most of season also
  2. My goodness this takes me back !!! as u can tell I have been on the sauce today !!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOPB4yRvXvk...feature=related I know I am behind the times but just had the pleasure of listening to The Courteeners cd. Excellent stuff.
  4. Been on the wireless stateside for the last month - don't normally like this kind of music but something very catchy about this number Sampling the greatest ever band probably helped
  5. I am liking the track Try to keep lying. Sounds promising will track their progress and good luck to them !
  6. According to the radio show World Soccer Daily http://worldsoccerdaily.myownsiteonline.com/?page_id=7 on this side of the pond. They reckon the only reason he was there is that he will become the next LA Galaxy manager now that Yallop has gone and once England's inevitable fate is sealed. Interesting and good riddance.
  7. Fair play to Benni at least he is being honest and not hiding behind any smokescreens. Benni thought he was off this summer for sure. It appears to me Jose wanted him but roman wouldn't splash the cash. At least Jose is gone for now and I hope he gets a International Mgr job then he can't be back for benni.
  8. Saw that Leeds won again at the weekend. 1 win away from automatic promotion spot incredible. The 15 pt deduction seems to have done them a favour !!! In any case was looking at the fixtures and who should they play Sat but Carlisle away. Now that will be messy
  9. Downloaded the cribs album last week. I personally think its excellent
  10. Surely if Dunny was going to reject Bolton he wouldn't be going through the medical procedure. Big Sam is not one to be fooled around. Thats it Dunny will be a w***y wanderer now.
  11. 7:00pm UEFA Cup - Blackburn Rovers v AS Nancy Blackburn welcome French side Nancy to a packed Ewood Park for this UEFA Cup clash. Rovers have looked good in Europe this season but will they be able to put Nancy to the sword? Doesn't appear to be live Abs delayed same day coverage at 7pm. Need to find a pub showing Setanta sports. FYI If you are in the states this weekend the Newcastle game is Live on Setanta PPV or delayed same day coverage at 2.30pm. I believe the Reading game is either live or delayed on Fox Sports Channel the following Sat. Who are they kidding a packed Ewood Park are we closing 3 sides ??
  12. Shambles. We have no idea going forward except the big hoof up the middle and people on here call Bolton at least they all seem hungry and work for their team more than our players. Without a fit and firing Pedersen our creative forward play is nil. Get rid of Nonda Whilst McCarthy shows neat touches he is a very frustrating player to watch. Gallagher/Peter - so thats why they never get on ! for players who were suposed to be eager to please they looked way short of premiership quality against lets face it a poor Charlton side.
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