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  1. Butterworth looks class. He should be ahead of Buckley
  2. Good start for Butterworth. Done more than Buckley already! Our pitch is looking dodgy so early in the season. Edit 1-0!!
  3. Looking poor at home against a side near the bottom who haven't scored in 5 games. Exciting times.....
  4. It probably wasn't. A lunge from behind but it was an awkward tangle and fall rather than aggressive. Unfortunately part of the risks of football we all take. Been there myself
  5. Oh no...Harvey elliot. Thoughts with him. Could see on the TV how bad that was.
  6. Fifa have cleared the premier league Brazilians to play this weekend....is this the same for BBD?
  7. The first part of the post is purely down to Southgate. He has all the attacking talent he could wish for....players who in general play for progressive attack minded club sides. They well and truly have the shackles placed on them when with England. Effective in the main, but the better sides will eventually break through after which Southgate hasnt shown much of an ability to adapt mid game. Disagree with the last point. We have some of the worlds top players in this squad, champions league and league winners. Southgate needs to be more dynamic and use them.
  8. 0 subs in over 90 mins. Conceede last minute rather than just killing the game. I know weve done well in tournaments but I still think Soithgate has masively lucked out with this generation hes in charge of. Very very limited manager imo. Any normal manager would have made 3 changes and killed the game after 75 mins.
  9. Not seen him play but reading a report from one of our pre-season friendlies Garrett sounded quite promising and did well against a decent side (Leeds?). Sounded like a 6ft+ centre mid who enjoyed a tackle. If hes decent ive no problem giving one of our youngers some game time but agree we are short if no-one comes through. Johnson is back training but that doesnt fill me with any excitement.
  10. Elliot looking very good so far starting against Chelsea. Knew he was good for us but he's going up a level again
  11. Nice message from Arma on Instagram. Not sure I agree with his backing of Mowbray but its a nice personal message to the club and fans. Cant hold any grudge over his move. Good move for him and his family. Good luck to him.
  12. His comments completely sum up the complete lack of pressure he feels to get any type of result. Completely and utterly repaxed with his feet up taking home a pay check along with his mate Waggot.
  13. If I wasn't a Rovers fan I'd bet good money on us to be in L1 next season. Cant see many positives to look forward to in the next 12 Months. Lost a 29 goal striker, host of players out of contract next summer.. Hopefully fans in the ground will help get a message to the owners...if they ever watch a game. Bit gloomy after a cup game but I can see it coming
  14. Only a friendly but as others have said..I have a bad bad feeling about this season. feel well be closer to L1 again come summer than the top.
  15. Nice shirt..like the rose detail in the blue. Gives the impression some actual thought went into it same comments as others regarding i would prefer alternate blue white arms. A far cry from that god awful pale blue zebra sponsor kit. Still makes me feel queezy
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