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  1. The England side are basically a reflection of Southgates personalilty, functional but drab. Along with Hungary and finland, were the dullest side I have watched. 2 goals for a 0 against. One of the issues isn't so much the formation, many players play 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 at club level. The issue is we sit so deep and rarely press the ball high up the pitch. The full backs must be told to keep it solid as they rarely venture forward. Subsequently when Grealish, Foden, Kane etc do recieve the ball its usually around the half way line rather than the final third. It cant be easy for our play
  2. Southgate by far the biggest weakness in the England squad. Mowbray esque who plays his favourites no matter what and doesn't change until its too late. 4 or 5 better sides than us so far.
  3. Wonder if he can speak any Spanish. I bet its quite an awkward prospect being called up to a national team where you cant even speak the language of all your team mates.
  4. Agree. Against teams where we will all likelihood dominate the ball, Mount alongside Rice would be my CM pair with foden and grealish also in the side. Mount also puts a shift in for chelsea and doesnt forget his defensive requirements. I think a lot of people have pigeonholed him as a no10 but he could do a job deeper. Had a look through all the Euro squads and other than France and Belgium theyre all much of a muchness. There are a lot of players in the Germany, Spain, Portugal squads that wouldnt make the England squad. Even Belgium have some average players. On paper England ar
  5. I think Ward Prowse can count himself unlucky not to be in the squad. Sancho for all the hype never seems to take the full back on. Passes it square.
  6. Cant get my head around why the two warm up games before a tournament, were playing half a team that aren't in the tournament squad. 3 rightbacks in the squad but a CB who isn't in the competitive squad plays there. Madness...
  7. TAA pulls a hamstring after all the debate. I'd guess lingard or ward-prows will replace him. very dull game
  8. Surely not. that would be utterly pointless! Said it before the only thing holding this England side back is the man in charge.
  9. Southgate loves a defender. Half the squad defenders. Whilst they all had a case to be picked why on earth pick 4 right backs? madness. Just needs an injury to one CM or CF and we're lob sided for the tournament. I'd have taken Ward Prowse for his free kicks and corners. Got a bad feeling were going to see a 5 at the back formation despite our attacking talent.
  10. In the LET sounds like Douglas is fishing for another deal here after being released from Leeds. That would really sum up the club atm if he came back. he was utter garbage and is extremely lazy and unadventurous transfer policy. Bore off.
  11. There are a lot of defenders picked in that squad. I'm hoping that's not an indication Southgate is going to revert back to a cautious 5 at the back. Its one of the most talented attacking pool of England players I've seen. To go cautious and play 5 at the back would be a huge waste of talent. Id also pick TAA every day of the week over the other full backs if hes fit. Very difficult to pick a front line as each player has a strong case to start. Good problem to have providing Southgate doesn't bottle it. My line up (if all are deemed fully fit): Henderson
  12. Id forgotten Ayala still played (is contracted to!) us. Good value there.
  13. Watching the fans of the greedy 6 protesting outside the ground with banners....can rovers fans do similar over Mowbray? I'd say Venkys but we're so in debt they could literally liquidate us 😞
  14. I think if Fifa actually go through with this, there would be a player revolt. Harry Kane and co will not want to miss a world cup or Euros. I cant see Rashford after campaigning for free kids meals, being happy to play in a closed league for the enjoyment of foreign billionaires. Whilst wages are astronomical, most players came from working class background and I still think (hope) they have the conscience to know this is very wrong.
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