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  1. Erm...how far off the drop are we? Genuinely worried we'll be in L1 next year with the same dinosaur in charge, minus half the squad. Cant see us winning any games between now and season end.
  2. Almost spat my drink out reading some of the comments in that last interview. Just shows how he knows he is immune and can basically take the piss. Reg Waggot: “I talk about the games to them, what they saw, they don’t like to lose as I don’t like to lose, but they see the team performing at a level. “If you were in their position you’d be doing the same, or may be you wouldn’t. Maybe you’d be a results orientated owner who, ‘lose three on the bounce, sack him and get the next one in’ but then you might have four, five, six managers a season if that was the case. WTF. What
  3. Another day passes by with the immune Mowbray leading us into another game. The silence from the clubs board and CEO is astonishing. The only person we ever hear is from Mowbray himself....talking up what a good job hes doing. Cant believe the club is paying Waggot a wage. Literally does nothing.
  4. The club is in a fucking mess. A hopeless manager who has his mates as the board, terrible form, and a squad who are mostly out of contract in the summer. Those remaining are a bunch or crocs Apart from a relegation it's hard to see how it could be much worse
  5. Southgate a very limited manager. How has he not made a sub after a tepid second half and 80 mins gone.... England are like Rovers. Talented group with a limited Mowbray esque manager
  6. Bellingham looks a good player for just 17. Pretty sure I'd have a shot of being an international if I was from San Marino.
  7. Not sure why Lingard has been recalled. Shown nothing for 2 or 3 years apart from the last month. In my opinion there are better younger players that should be well ahead of him. He's a bit like Mowbrays Bennett and Evans. I'm assuming that they are using the game to test some players against a weak opposition, because its no where near the strongest team available
  8. Expecting a routine 2-0 win for Norwich, while Mowbray serenely carries on to the next game. Not a clue of the lineup and I doubt TM does either. Cant see Johnson and Holtby playing midweek and weekend. Unfortunately i can see a return of evans.
  9. Genuinely think we could go down and he'd still be here. Back to the dark days where agents and mates run the club. Any owners paying any attention would be making a change
  10. Kevin Davis basically saying what's the point in having Brereton and Gallagher out Wide haha. Wise words.
  11. Really has turned into a miserable season. Wake me up in August.... Hopefully TM will have gone by then. Its astonishing how little pressure he's under after months and months of dross. No other club in the football league would stand for it
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