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  1. It wasn't a great Easter for the Championship's older managers (McCarthy, Warnock, Pearson, Mowbray). They only managed 1 point between them
  2. Deary me, he (Marshall) sounds like a teenager without responsibilities and who thinks everything's a lark
  3. iFollow not working for me either. I'm going to give up if it isn't sorted soon
  4. Very sad to read this. Good, strong-tackling player.
  5. Been even stevens this half but we just have a bit more quality
  6. Yes, I remember David Helliwell. I felt a bit sorry for him because he was so skinny football didn't seem the right profession for him. Still, I'm surprised he only played 15 games (just checked) because I have such a distinct memory of him.
  7. Players / teams so well trained that all individuality is being forced out. There's no place for the likes of Mike Ferguson and Ruben Rochina any more.
  8. Raya has probably only played half a dozen games for them. Is that sufficient to judge him on? Here are some of the early comments on here about Smallwood after he started playing for us, but now everyone wants to get rid - "he's a solid professional who knows exactly what he should and shouldn't do" "probably the one real success" "ive been very impressed " " has been nothing short of a revelation since coming here "
  9. "Fergie for England" we used to shout from the terraces but we never got our wish, although he was so frustratingly inconsistent that it was never really going to happen. Utterly brilliant on his good days though.
  10. Announcement: 'Today we are being watched by a party from the local Womens Institute, so under no circumstances scratch your private parts'
  11. "Ay ay, ay ay, Barton is better than Yashin Douglas is better than Eusebio and Burnley are in for a thrashing" If he was better than Yashin he can't have been that bad
  12. Oh dear. I loved watching him and fergie tearing along the wings. Great memories.
  13. He's enigmatic because people talk about him a lot, despite any deficiencies as a footballer that he might have.
  14. Sad. The link above says 'our greatest ever player' which is a great tribute. I must have seen him play because he was in the (in)famous 3-3 FA Cup draw in 1960. I can't say I remember him particularly but he had a reputation of being a classy player.
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